Thursday, August 28, 2014

Asics Onitsuka Tiger Footwear

Lets talk about shoes!!!

Onitsuka Tiger is one of the oldest shoe companies in Japan, tracing its history back to the formation of Onitsuka Co. Ltd. in 1949 when the 32 year old former military officer, Kihachiro Onitsuka started his company with the hopes of raising postwar youth self-esteem through athletics. - Source: Wikipedia.

Onitsuka Tiger is a footwear brand which offers a wide range of sneakers for man and woman of all ages with amazing stylish designs.  Shoes have been created for football, running, martial arts, basketball, cheerleading, volleyball, cross-training, track and field, wrestling, golf, cricket, fencing and tennis.  Many use for parkour too it seems.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

[Review] Mi Power Bank10400mAh

The recent hooha for powerbanks, Mi Power Bank.  I know I suppose to blog this earlier like way earlier since the time I got it but I totally forgot about it till today.  But then again, I'd probably need to test it for a bit before I could actually write a review.  So here goes. 

Who would want to miss a RM36 offer for a 10400mAh powerbank? Heck!  My previous powerbank with lower capacity cost me almost RM50 and it works like crap.  In a way.  After awhile actually.  I did some research in the type of powerbank, I was actually interested in a friend's powerbank (can't remember the brand/model) but I couldn't find it.  Somehow this caught my attention and decided to give it a go.  Mind you, I occasionally doubt it cause I wasn't familiar with the brand.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Colourcoil Hasuu Tasuu 2014

Now, if you have been following my blog or you probably know me IRL (in real life), you would probably know me as a runner but all these years, I have always been a road runner.  I had that occasional hiking session with group of runners/friends in the past but never in my million years (exaggerate) would I ever register to run a race that involves trails.  Heck, for the past say 30 over years of my life, my first Mount Kinabalu climb was 2 years ago.  Even if I go Bukit Padang for hiking, I'd probably was doing that to prepare myself for Mount Kinabalu climb or just for fun.

I had this conversation with my running buddy last year, if I could remember correctly, if this did happen? (vaguely remembers) that, if, he runs/completed a full marathon, I would run trails for the first time.  I mean I had always wanted to do it but if I have doubts in my ability, I'd just drop the whole idea.  So, on 1st November of last year (2013), I registered myself to run the Hasuu Tasu 28km trail run (short for HTTR).  And of course in 2014, I was back on running full marathons, had my usual runkeeper training plan and injured while training (mentioned in earlier post).

If you ever decided to join next year, here's the info.: Sabah Adventure Challenge, here and be prepared for it! (I'm serious).

Friday, August 01, 2014

[Review] Kraftfit compression wear

I never like wearing long tights/pants (this coming from somebody who always wear long baggy pants and shirts years ago).  Ever since I started the whole exercise regime (running mostly) and lost a lot of weight, I always opt for short pants, running or casual. 

But since I venture trail running, I have gotten myself an Asics compression tights (if I remember correctly, Rizwan is making me doubting what I bought) from Spotaka, Osaka, Japan last January.  I've used this for road and trail running before but I felt like my abdomen is compressed, so tightly that it's a bit hard to breathe.

Here I was again, researching for the right compression.  Options were 2XU and Skins, but these are so expensive.  I was browsing through 2ndskin and stumbled upon this.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

[Marathon] Sundown Marathon Singapore 2014 (Part 2)

It took me a week to write about part 2.  Sorry about that, I was down with sickness and was in a limbo for a week or so, I'm still in a limbo, I'm not sure if it's the strong medicine or the weather keeps making me fall asleep.  Or I might just need my tea fix?  Either one of that.

Back to where I left it off at part 1.  

Day 3 - Sundown Marathon Singapore 2014.

I actually have a vague memory to what I did in the morning, but thankfully I was referring back to my photos and could at least refresh a bit of my memory.  A sign of old age I suppose.  NO!  I refuse! I'm blaming the strong medicine!

I'm typing this post while listening to Seven Lions new EP - Worlds Apart.

Thursday, June 05, 2014

[Marathon] Sundown Marathon Singapore 2014 (Part 1)

I think I better start somewhere before I procrastinate.  Blog it when it's fresh (in this case not so fresh cause I'm still down with the combo sickness and on meds, so I'm quite distracted.  Gonna try to go with it as I type).

Photos are taken with Sony Xperia Z2 (I'll slot in some reviews about the phone).  I brought along my point and shoot camera but did not use it at all! RAWR! Some are from Rizwan and Pammie (Iphone users).

Day 1 - Arriving Singapore!

I had an early brunch, flight at 2pm but I was hungry.  So I had custard smiley donuts from Dunkin Donuts!  2 of it!  Initially I wanted just 1 but you're not allowed to buy just 1, so got 2 and ate both dammit.

Monday, May 19, 2014

[Activities] Coral Flyer Zipline - The Worlds Longest Island to Island Zipline

Ever since I saw Jaco's post about Kota Kinabalu Coral Flyer between island on G+, I have been wanting to go.  It was open for public on 10th May 2014.  I was ecstatic!  Well, I initially wanted to go try Zip Borneo at Kiulu but no friends to go with.  I have organized misc events for my group of friends but sometimes it's just not gonna happen.  Just like trying out indoor climbing.  Mind you, if you knew me then (when my self confidence is below zero), I'm the type of person who is afraid of heights and it would take me more than 10x the amount of thinking which leads to doubts which in the end I won't do it.  I'm have and still is making changes with my life this year by trying out new things (more like clearing off some bucket list) so totally feeling it!

Thanks to Beverly for "pulling some strings" and arrange for everyone to go.  Excited and nervous at the same time.  There's over 10 people, 14 to be exact, who's on this trip, including myself.  Excited cause it's my first time ziplining, nervous probably cause I'm always nervous around strangers lol.  But that's just me.  I probably know a handful of people (or not?) who's going.  Slept at almost midnight, set my alarm to 4:30am (I think I got used to waking up at 4am on a Sunday morning, that I automatically woke up at that hour, I think I actually woke up at 3am and tried to sleep back till 5:30am).  Double check some of my stuff and off to Jesselton Point jetty to meet up with everyone.