Sunday, October 15, 2006

I've juz change the date and time format for my blog. >_<" I'm sorry if it took awhile. Juz for the fact that I was unaware that I could do that. Or maybe I was only I was lazy to browse around and was obsessed with posting. Gomene~

Anyways, I went to Kompleks Karamunsing the other day and saw a pants that I wanted to badly. It cost at about RM60 and it's turquoise. Gawd. I so want it. The only problem maybe the sizing. I would probably want a L or XL size. >_<" Big butt~!

How does it look like. Well here, I actually found the same kind only this would cost at about RM65 without shipping. With shipping / delivery would maybe add another RM8 >_<"

So, if anybody knows where I can get this pants. Please buzz me! :D

Oh I forgot to mention. My bro went to KL yesterday for the Enter The Zero - Final Pump It Up Malaysia tournament.

So, please support our Sabah Team!!! Uh uh and for my bro, Cubexx! :D yay~!

Oh for those who is not aware of "Pump It Up". Please visit here: Pump It Up - Wikipedia, World's Finest Dance Simulation Game - Pump It Up


  1. Anonymous1:15 PM

    Please extend my best of luck to your brother. :)

  2. will do :D thank yew

  3. Good luck...ask ur bro snap record some video and share it.......hehe

  4. i hope he get those. coz he might be using his fren's camera hehehehe..since i juz got mine :D