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Saturday, February 10, 2007

the titleless entry

It's been a lazy week for me. Been lazing around watching tv. A lot of tv!

I was suppose to have lunch with a fren at McD but I was lazy.

To conclude the day. I'm lazy.

Noted: I'm sorry for such a boring entry. My brain doesn't seem to work that much today.


  1. An entry is an enrety~ It doesn't matter! Do NOT mention McD...

  2. *lol hahahahahhahaha...*lol....

  3. Hey Massy!

    The heat makes people tired, so they'll turn lazy in the end, haha.

    I thought the packets in the picture below contain apple chips, but they turned out to be potato chips. I prefer apple chips over potato chips anytime, haha! They're sweeter!

    Cheers, Hui Wen

  4. omg..huiwen..i can't take too much sweets hahahaha XD

    well i can't eat lotsa stuff. sucks~!

  5. wahaha..u always call me 'pemalas', nah kan, look whos 'pemalas' now hahaha!!!...

    eeiii..get up...wash ur car lah haha

  6. mapling larat lah har har har

  7. actually u can call mcD for delivery.. eh, i'm not sure if sabah can lar. :P

    you feeling less-bored now? :D

  8. cindy: my area mcd dun wanna deliver oh hahahhaa..terlampau ulu ulu