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Sunday, February 18, 2007


I didn't went anywhere today. I juz haf the need to clean my room only. Argh! I'm so frustrated with my sis's boxes around the room. I think I'll ask her to move it downstairs *sigh~

Oh, erm, yes, I was bored. Watch 15 episode of heroes *hiks~


Actually something did happen. I got a present from my cats

Umm, this happen when they were chasing each other and unaccidently scratched my leg >_<"

Thanks a lot kitty. I got enuff scars already >_<" but noooo~ u juz haf to add another one dun u?


  1. I also have the 15 episodes of Heroes in my room.. all inside the DVDs I just bought but I didn't have the time to watch it yet. :P

    Gong Xi Fa Cai to you :P

  2. wuah...gong xi fa cai to u too cindy *hug

  3. Whyyy Mimi do thaaat??

  4. coz mimi high...both lari lari macam gila sudah

  5. no makan besar kah ? huhuhu..finally u got tht scratch ahh good hahah...

  6. punya jat ni zaini *smacks~!

  7. Thats why lah, you smack them so much they scratch you.

    You sound bored leh. Should have asked Mars bring you lepak with us, she and the others only left my house 4 am and I didnt even have a party last night!

  8. wooo...oh well...

    yes, i sound bored and depressed hahaha..