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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Talking about not making sense

Sorry for complaining

But, when someone said the TV room is her room, we let that be and moved the Astro decoder to the living room. Hmmm, guess wut? Now she sleeps at the living room. So does the living room consider her room now? wtf~



  1. cindy4:41 PM

    hmm... another conflict, eh?

    perhaps everyone should get a decoder of their own and keep it inside their room. saves the conflict and channel fight. it works at my home. everyone watch their own tv in their own room. LOL!

  2. wuah many astro *blinked

  3. Anonymous11:07 PM

    talk about TV controlling our lives ... 200 channels of sh*t but nothing to do ...

  4. wakakkakaka so true...i can't agree more...wakkakak..that's why become lazy weeeeeeeeeee

  5. like me la.. pay Astro for nothing. The only time I'll be watching Astro (or rather.. turning on the tv) is on Sundays - that's because I'll be watching all 3 CSI series. Too busy to watch tv everday. *sigh*

  6. i dun hav TV..dun hav Astro hehe..

  7. ASTRO IS EVIL! (I am only saying this cause I don't have it...)

  8. astaga cin, yeah waste oh, u didn't watch hehehehe

    zaini: hahahah kesiannya

    com: *lol hahahaha..