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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Food Outing: Fish & Co.

I'm sorry for the late updating, but I was uber tired last nite that I had to go off sleep before 11pm. Or was it after 11pm? I have no idea. The nite before, me and some other people (you know who u ppl are!!!!) were reminiscing the IRC days. OMG~! And we were up till 4am @_@ OMG! I woke up around 8am OMG!!! Well actually I'm a bit too early coz my fren smsed me about some computer stuff. I'm like a personal 24 hour technical assistant to my frens @_@ Ogie. Fine~ I'm fine with that.

I woke up, the first thing I do is check the computer. Ogie, bad mas bad! I mean seriously! Then I listen to some new songs from Grey's Anatomy OST. Nice! I love indies! XD I was high. I was so high that I was singing (even my voice was partially gone) and was jumping around in the room. Oh how high I was. Got ready at around 11am coz I had to pick 540 up, well actually I was suppose to pick my sis up from work too but she didn't wanna come, but since she informed my dad kinda late (hah!), I had to pick her up and she had to join our "little" outing. BWAHHAHAHAHA.

Check out some of the raves, here.

It's been awhile since I went to Warisan Square. But I think I wasn't in the mood to get anything. I mean shopping. I was a walking zombie (Panja! Dun even think about it! I know wut u wanna say!). 540 reserved some seats at Fish & Co. Oh yes, we were early. I mean we arrived there at around 1pm. And we had to reserve seats coz we scared that there might not be any seats if we didn't do dat. From a 4 person outing, turned into a 17 ppl outing waw! THIS IS MADNESS! THIS IS CSP!!!! *rofl~ Ogie, I still sound a bit high. The effect haven't totally ware off. Waw, I'm like a typing machine that type on it's own *rofl (ogie ignore dat part).

I took some shots of the fewd

And some of the ppl. Uncle is bad! Laff at ppl's voice XP

and yes i know i like to do the peace sign. old habits die hard @_@

Thanks to the Fish & Co. staff for taking the group photo. XD

fara was there too. sorry sotong, since u sit terpisah kan. teda la gambarmu XD

For more photos, click here.

Oh guys, btw, wut's this?

I didn't get to taste it coz I was walking from one end of the table to the other end XD

Oh btw, Nick, u wanna play Betrayal rite. *hint hint to the Betrayal boardgame owners.

Some of us went off and some of us went to Centre Point later on to check some camera stuff. Uh oh! =_=" Had camwhore moments with Jassy. Jassy, I know u felt my awkwardness =_="

photos from jassy XD

Me, my sis and 540 were hanging out at CPS till nearly 6pm. Coz 540 have class after dat. Oh, I think I "purposely" spoiled my throat hahahaha. I had oily fewd and cold drinks. And my coughing was bad at nite. After I drop 540 off, I had to send my sis home. Some of the guys went to CarcaSean, so yeah I sent my sis home first and went off direct to CarcaSean. I only reached there around 6:30pm.

Had a round of "Cartagena" (wow, that reminds me of that girl from ANTM, Cycle 10). Took me awhile to get it. Coz you start with 6 cards and u only get cards if u reverse to the nearest pirate? Ngam ka? Uh oh, and max 5 players *nods nods. And the cards u get determines how u move according to the symbol/icon on the board. @_@ And you have to send all ur pirates to the boat? Anyways, get the guys to explain. I'm still in lost world. But with dori's help, I WON!!!! BWAHHAHAHAH I WON!!!! XD *giggle.

We wanted to play another new game called "Diamant" but we dun get it and Sean was bz T_T *cries. Oh well. Maybe next time.

It involves those people in the coffin ogie it's not a coffin, it does look like one. Some cards and diamonds? *blur (the hand not included) *rofl XD

We had a round of Blokus. dori won =_=" and 2 rounds of Ubongo *giggle. Too funny. Went home around 9pm-ish, showered and dump my body to my bed, which is juz right next to my computer table. Gahhh!!! I need to move my table. SERIOUSLY!

Oh, I edited this like 3 times and now only I remember wut I wanna add.

CarcaSean will be closed on 24th May 2008 (Saturday)

Well that's wut I saw at the counter la XD correct me if I'm wrong.

Have fun reading this long post ppl! *giggle.

Uh oh, there's this Photography Workshop on Monday at Monsopiad, posted the details here, but I dun feel like going @_@.


  1. go or i eat you!

  2. FINE!!! *show muka aboring

  3. yum the food looks nice.

    i remember 1996-2000 i was like irc-ing the whole damn time..

  4. elfie: uh oh...we might know each other *giggle XD

    coz i was in irc during those time too XD

  5. no, i didn't feel the awkwardness. well, maybe i did. hahah. but its okaaaayyyyyy bebeh! *eyebrow up down*

    hahaha.. i want my msn emoticon to be here maaannnn.. :P

  6. jassy!!!! XD * takes time..*sings as background..*rofl..

    uh uh..emoticon here..waw jassy main mata with me XD

  7. owwhh irc dayssss... im kinda missing them all oo mase! i did try to contact muzz hp but somebody else is using it. i once met sb like him in the airplane back to kk. maybe it was him but didnt dare to say hi. i miss livo, chozen, litbarski, maverick, tomatogal, shanana, and most of all, muzz n da geng n shana n bro! who else ya? i cant remember nymore but i think i miss all la, really... uhukss... missing da days dat we used to hang out, gaths, etc... hmmm...
    still got some dat still in contact and still have their nums, including YOUrs! hehe... maybe we shud make one gath for the ex-IRC again. hows dat? hehe...

  8. na-o: yes! i knew u from irc days too! muzz! i remember muzz!~ omg where r those ppl! >.< anyways, yeah i still keep in touch with some of them and gathering is a great idea~ i miss ppl T.T