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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Japanese Bento Delivery Service?


I was pretty excited when a friend (Amy C) plurk about it.

Reminds me the time when I was in college.  I stayed at PJ and had chinese fewd delivery.  Damn those taste great! :) I miss the gewd old days.  But that's another different story.  Lets get back to what I was talking about, shall we?

Look at how tempting the menu is.  Oh yeah, btw, click here for their Facebook page, and here for their blog.  Finally, a day off my usual fewd.  Mind you, I take away from vegetarian shop almost every morning.  And uh oh, I never get bored of it.  Weird rite?

Anyways, I planned my lunch today.  I'd thought, hey lets skip vegetarian brunch for the day and try that tempting bento for once right?  So I did, get on my plan.  Oh yeah, please take note that my vegetarian brunch cost RM3.60 at least (RM1 for fried mee hoon and RM2.60 for 2 vegetarian prawn *uhuk~ greedy massy.  Hey I love that vegetarian prawn ogie, mushrooms!).

Before I went with ordering, I sort of did a little research or in simple terms, feedback.  I asked a friend who had tried this, not gonna go all negative now since their facebook page do have positive feedbacks, right?  I'm being supportive here.

Like for example, this kind of "positive" feedback.

Combo Horr! Been having salmon bento for a week 6 days straight.... miss a day on 27 dec coz they taking day off = =" still every meal so fresh and delicious for me xD.. Keep up the good work guys, tomorrow will order again..

Made me all curious.  Issit that great?  Placed my order at 10:55am and sms my address at 11am.  I've read it somewhere that they need around an hour to prepare and send it to you?  Well lemme see, my supposely should have arrive bento, well should have arrive at 12 noon.  But guess what time did my bento came?  Oh wait, before we get to that, I sort of got a bit panicky that the delivery person might be lost or sending someone elses order?  Well who knows rite?  That I had to make a call at 12:35 noon just to check if my order is coming or not.  Hey! I don't wanna starve ogie.  And delivery person said he is near.  Guess what time my bento arrive?  12:40 noon.  Mind you, I'm still excited with this whole thing eventhough bento cost me RM15.40 (included RM2.50 delivery charges).

My bento still fresh in the plastic.

Got receipt

You no need to eat with your hands ;)

Still fresh!



Aight, here's what I thought.

It looks decent.  The moment I took it out from the plastic bag, something smelled of coconut oil.  So I thought maybe, just maybe, I was hallucinating?  Too hungry?

I was having a hard time liking it.  It felt like I was eating just for the sake of eating it.  I mean it wasn't bland, I guess I had some problem with it.

Teriyaki sauce = soy sauce.  Correct me if I'm wrong but I remembered teriyaki sauce should have some kind of sweetness in it? Yes? No?

Served with salad.  In this case, shredded cabbage + slices of cucumber and tomato.  Pretty normal there.  Mix with light soy sauce.  Erm ogie.  Didn't have problem there.  Only when you thought that the sauce might come from the salmon side?  Help me out here.  I thought it would be best if it's served with thousand island.  A different mix instead of eating the same sauce, maybe?  But I like it that there's pickles, it helped with the whole eating/appetite thinggie. 

Oh yeah, I found the source of the coconut oil smell.  It came from the seaweed+sesame seed mixture.  *points on top of the rice

Overall it was an okay meal.  It's still not great.  I guess I was slightly disappointed cause I could get a better taste Maguro Spaghetti for RM10 and how it could fill my stomach when this bento doesn't seem enough.  Erm, I'm somehow still hungry after that.  Weird.

And last but not least,  click here for my rave.  Nobody raved about it yet? O.o?  Maybe other people might like it?  Everyone got different taste buds ;)

Thank you.


  1. huhu...all their bento have rice, i can't eat rice T_T', i wonder can "custom" order without the rice or not.

  2. @Nova: they have rolls/skewers too, but at their stalls ;)

  3. Hmmm...maybe makan at restaurant lebih sedap la kan?

  4. bout if we in KK asking them to send us.. for example at the gig ka.. nice kan??

  5. @Perry: yeah maybe

    @Aj: indeed it's convenient XD

  6. i am still wondering where the heck is their stall in Damai?...ngehehehehee.....maybe u shud try others massy...still got alot kan... XD

  7. @Amy C: yeah, I think I'll try to spot the stall instead XD RM2.50 delivery is too GG XD

  8. chinese food is da best! though i enjoy eating western food... haha

  9. @Henry: HAHAHAHAHHA I enjoy eating almost everything. Ada jua ni yang se inda suka makan hehe.

  10. chinese foods contains lots of herb but nice for blood circulation

  11. @Aj: kurangkan penggunaan minyak dan gula XD

  12. i think there's some bento that doesnt come with rice... soda noodle.. or something like that... haha

  13. @Henry: you mean soba? XD There's no delivery for soba or udon XD yet.

  14. They have delivery for this? That is way cool :D And it looks good some more :D

  15. @Nick: yeap, delivery for Japanese bento ;) sweet rite?

  16. lucky the delivery guy tida sesat..otherwise, lagi lama la mau tunggu tu bento sampai..hihi..

  17. @Mama Mia: I'll starve if that happens XD

  18. Hmm I've done part time in a Japanese restaurant before and get to taste the food there... But till now my taste bud still haven't pass the wasabi and so I never use it to eat Jap food.

    Oya my fav is the Unagi... Best Japanese food ever ;D

  19. @Arms: Only can eat eel? Eat tako ;3 tako is gewd hehehehe

  20. altho they are not attractive, they are making hungry now.. =P

  21. @kenwooi: my blog will owez have fewd post ngehehehe ;)

  22. only available in kk?!?


  23. @cin: at PJ got chinese fewd delivery service leh.

  24. @YC: hehehe, yes japanese fewd ;)