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Thursday, December 06, 2007

[ADOPT] Cute Ginger Kittens for Adoption

Anyone wanna adopt these ginger kittens. If wan, must get them both since they're best frens.

*mata berkaca kaca~ my fren couldn't keep em since the mum won't let her T_T

Look at the last shot. Irresistible!!! Eeee bikin geram! I want, BUT I CAN'T!!! *cries~ So, if anybody interested in adopting them, please leave a msg *tsk tsk~ TQ


  1. ala!! so cute.. kalau lah the whole family tidak allergic.. I would love to have a cat too! :(

  2. alalaa... cute juga tu. me pelihara kucing dari dulu lagi. kalau bukan because i'm living at hostel now, suda cya bawa pulang tu meaow-meaow times 2. heehe.

  3. shemah: T_T

    arms: T_T *tsk~

  4. Eeeee.. so cute lah the kitten!!!!!! If only my bf allows me to have kitten at home! Wahhhhh!!!!

    PS: Oh, pretty new watermark on your pic, Mas. Lawa! :D

  5. wow..sia pun ada macam gitu punya cat..tapi orange la matanya

  6. Ooh, the eyes so lovely!

    Kalau yang ada moustache tu, sia mau :D

  7. LydBytes8:30 AM

    sia mau..

  8. cin: thanks..but why he dun let u haf kitties ka? *mata berkaca kaca

    sir george: hehehehe...bukan mata lampu ka ur cat? *rofl

    nessa: o.O noooooooo the moustache ones are mine! wait, i'll check if my fren haf moustache type..coz ada lagi ni

    lyd: ko mo..bulih...XD dua dua?

  9. em..i din like cat..hehe....hamster got ka?

  10. *rofl..hamster teda oh...sorry marmalade hehe~

  11. LydBytes8:40 AM

    both jantan ka 1 pasang?
    mata tu biru ka hijau tu? hijau ka? hehe

  12. omg i still dunno oh sorry T_T