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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Bad news

It was suppose to be a happy day to blog about yesterday's fewd gallore but instead I got bad news last nite when I got home from dinner with some forumers. *sigh

Sabah assemblyman's son stabbed to death - source: the star

He was my childhood fren and my previous neighbour. The story about his death is juz too depressing.

May his soul rest in peace.


  1. sorry to heard that. it's hard to lost a friend that was so young in age.

  2. Hard that this morning really depressin... hope to get those whoever involve

  3. yeah, my brother msged me last night about it.. so kesian.. :(

  4. jeff: thank yew

    sir george: yeah it's depressing indeed

    syura: :(

  5. Innalillah. I heard the story a couple of nights ago while I was out with my sister. I'm sorry to hear it's a big loss for you. *hugs*

  6. that girl is actually crazy, or as my aunt said, sexmaniac. her ex bf nearly lost his ear, bruises here and there, and nearly lost his life too but thank god his parents went to that crazy house to take their son home. lots of crazy stuff going on there, curses everyday, etc... very unfortunate for this new bf... i dunno why all the guys still wanna stay with her after being treated like that. i heard she's the most beautiful girl at the college. i was like WHAT?! are u guys blind? wahahaha... my friend's working there, and she's much much prettier. but maybe it's all in the makeups dat can turn someone from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan. or maybe when i met her, i don't really LOOK into her eyes... wkakakaka... plus they said she's a model, so i thought, oh maybe last time she's slim. but a model now? no way! maybe a porn star? that can be counted. she's damn FAT. u are much slimmer than her Massy. Maybe that is God's punishment for this family, for treated other ppl bad.

  7. na-0: omg dat sounds so wrong. if it happened before, how come she's not taken to the "mental institute" or get some treatment for that disturbing behaviour?! omg! =_=" i couldn't agree more about the model part, i'm confused. i guess there's no such thing as "breaking up" in her dictionary? o.O? blur

  8. I was tekajut too when I see the news. Adakah so young already dead. What more it's like kena bully .. I trus suspect the girl. Hmmm.. after na-o comment above.. alamak.. memang betul lah kan. Kesian kesian.

  9. papa: T_T the one i red from the news oso @_@ paning oh se baca..lain lain tu crita

  10. ME :)4:35 PM

    massy: urgh... im afraid to talk bout this odi. mental institute? i think the only sane ppl in their family are the men. some of the stories they gave are made up based on previous incident, some are true, and some are just made up by them. some of the bruises and wounds are the old ones. there are actually some other things that involved in the case and is not mentioned anywhere. so i think better not to talk coz it's not mentioned in the news. *lips sealed* as long as it's not my family, so better i keep quite la this. hehe...