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Thursday, March 20, 2008

I die, U die, We all die, BYE BYE!

Went to a Spiderwick movie outing last nite. There's 14 of us. Well, actually there's around 10 CSP forumers there. We were there since 9pm-ish, since we haf to get tix and the movie started at around 9:40pm. We finish watching around 11pm-ish. This is a must watch movie. I love it. Though I cringe at 1 part of the scene. I is hate reptiles! Seriously.

I love the book! I love the fairies and the mystical creatures. Though it's not enuff. It's funny too. I give it a rate of 4/5. Why? Coz it wasn't enuff for me. I'm not gonna spoil it for anyone who haven't watch it but this is a must watch!

My blog title is one of the memorable quotes that would be used by everyone who watched it XD Coz it's too funny. Anyways, after the movie, we went to Salim, Lintas for a drink. Well most of them had maggie goreng @_@

Went home at nearly midnite-ish and only got to bed around 1am XD

So, wut r u waiting for? GO WATCH SPIDERWICK! 'nuff said XD


  1. ami3 s101:07 AM

    yupp!! I loved Spiderwick tooo!! Syoknesss :)!

  2. amie: XD yesu yesu

  3. So which one? Narnia or Spiderwick?

  4. Oh man. This means I have to get the book too. *sigh* Darn. More money outta my pocket!!

  5. joj: spiderwick! XD

    compy: yesu yesu desu~