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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Massy got tagged by Nessa

I actually planned to do this yesterday but I couldn't answer some of the question, so put on hold. I think one of the other reason I woke up early this morning *rofl.

Here's her tag (click the link).

And here's mine.


Copy the questions below. Simply use the first letter of your name/nickname as your answer for each question. You can't use any answer twice and don't use your own name for questions # 3 & 4. After you're done, tag 10 people.

Sounds easy but it's pretty tricky when you start doing the tag... but at least you get to 'exercise' your brain :)

  1. What is your name? Massy
  2. A four letter word: Mind
  3. A boy's name : Mickey
  4. A girl's name : Maylana
  5. An occupation : Manager
  6. A color : Magenta
  7. Something you wear : Mitten
  8. A type of food : Meehoon
  9. Something found in the bathroom : Medicine
  10. A place : Madagascar
  11. A reason for being late : Missed the bus
  12. Something you shout : Mari bah!!!
  13. A movie title : Music and Lyrics
  14. Something you drink : Milk
  15. A musical group : My Chemical Romance
  16. A street name : Majistret Road (Jalan Majistret)
  17. A type of car : Mitsubishi
  18. A song title : My Girl
  19. A verb : motivate
Ok that's about it, now I can sleep soundly *rofl. Or maybe not. I can't think of anyone I can tag or want to tag. So people, I guess you guys are safe, for now *rofl.


  1. Mari bah!!! Sia slalu cakap macam tu with my youngest son! LOL!

    Thanks for putting up the tag :D

  2. Nessa: LOL XD kekekekekek funny oh kan XD lucky this morning my brain works fine XD

  3. So many ppl have tagged me with this on FB tapi malas betul oh sia. Hehehe :P

  4. rozie: *giggles, I think I still have like few tags pending oh