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Monday, February 09, 2009

When they are out of town...*sigh


You'd always want the day to be running smoothly on a Monday. But, some things just gets on my nerves. *sigh.

The fact that I'm living with my parents and they're gone for 2 weeks puts a little burden on my shoulder. I can't help myself but to whine. Yes, with all the pampering from my mum, we tend to get uber lazy. These things shouldn't be bothering me but it is. Maybe it got something to do with not being able to sleep last nite (I must have done something to trigger some part of the nerves that I was so hyper that I couldn't sleep, but my eyes were tired, seriously, I barely can open the eyes).

Anyways, I dislike people treating me like I'm their alarm clock. Heck, I thought what my mum did when we were younger (her voice is enough to wake me up, yes, she's that loud) could have sort of triggered their awareness a bit but sadly no. I'm an alarm clock to my siblings *sigh. There's some other issues that I rather not bring up in my blog but yeah *sigh.

Some people are just irresponsible and insensitive. *sigh.

Note: Don't judge the book by it's cover. *sigh.



*breathe. Yes, I rather forget what just happened and move on before it breaks me.

Now lets get to the interesting part about my weekend. It was a fun weekend.

I wanted to go Bit3Lips "Sawan 4Fashion" yesterday but I was caught up with chores and stuff.

I went to Mode Cafe, KAC for a card game session with Panja, Jack Jack, my bro and Arine around 2pm. Well more like I reach there around 2:30pm.

The card game is called "Marriage Material". Maximum 5 players. *giggles. Just nice. This game is fun.

There's three (3) type of cards, explanation as follows:
  1. It's My Turn - it's too obvious to explain this.
  2. Cop-Out - Excuse and Influence cards.
  3. Honey-Do - Event and Commitment cards.
How to play?

At the start of each game, each player draws 5 card.

The 1st player will then draw 2 Cop-Out card and reveal 1 Honey-Do card. If you get a Commitment card, you will need to laid out your Excuse cards depending on the no. on that Commitment card. You could place more than 1 card. Other players can "screw" you with Influence card. If you're safe from that Commitment, it goes to the next player till no player could place their Excuse card to "save" them from the Commitment.

The It's My Turn card will only goes to another player if the Commitment card goes to a player.

The player who collect 30 points (from the Commitment card) loses the game. Event card could either "screw" or "save" you from Commitment.

Pretty simple ei? I played few rounds for nearly 2 hours.

There was another game called Wheedle but it seems complicated. We gonna try that out next week, I think.

Had to stop playing coz I got photo session with Flan, Jna and dori around 4pm.

We first went to Beach 1 for ABC and Juice.

This was what Jna and Flan had. Yeah, I had to take a shot of it coz it's uber colorful. It's one of my habit *giggles. We went to Beach 3 after we're done there. I think it was around 5:30pm? Or nearly 6pm. When the sun sets.

It's my first time going to Beach 3 actually. So, this is the place where people take photo *giggles. Overall it was fun! XD I'll post some of my shots here. I took less than 100 shots and I forgot my tripod. Bummer!

Ehem, yorishiku onegai shimasu~ XD I is newb~

I nearly gave up coz the sky wasn't giving me purple. But lucky I stayed. Well more like we were there till 7pm. I'm happy with this shot.

Who is this? XD I bet everyone knows it. *giggles.

There's more shots but I'm too lazy to resize XD

We continue our journey to dinner. Yes, I went to Tenom Station, Citymall for dinner and had, Fish Assam Curry with Rice. I'm not sure if I got this right. But I think it's that. I think this cost RM6. Check out my rave here.

At 8pm, I had a campaign session of L4D with Panja, my bro and Arine. Ehem, somebody got me a member card. *cough cough. I'll still consider myself as newb. It's hard to communicate coz I'm the only one without a headphone. *roll eyes. But the overall game was funny.

I know for a fact that my bro likes to get bombs of any form. And he'll put you in "flames", and his excuse is "PANIC BAH!~". What got on my nerves at times was the part where he keeps blocking you. *rofl. I unaccidently shoot him. Well it's not my fault. I'm newb and he keeps standing in front of me, I mean my character. But overall it's fun! XD

Next week, versus session ar? @_@"""


Anyways, that's about it about this week. I hope my days will be better.

OI! No holiday ka?


  1. Anonymous12:11 PM


  2. Panja: OMG punya evil!

  3. aiks?? ur parents away.. must miss them a lot.. huhu..

    btw.. where in hell can i get my hands on that game???

    ps: problems with ur siblings?? its natural tht they tend to be brats.. at times.. hehe.. but can't stop luvin em..

  4. Jard: yeah, I need some pampering. Oh, that game, erm, I'm not sure, any boardgame shop? I try to ask around.

  5. wah! weekend oso u bz like a bee ah!!! Kekekekeee...well at elast ur havin fun kan massy!!! :D

  6. amy c: normally i would be at home. lazing and bloating myself XD

  7. I used to make a big fuss when it's time to wake up my boys for school... it's no fun having to raise your voice early morning.

    So a couple of weeks back I decided to take the 'soft' approach. I give them a nudge and tell them it's time for school... they don't get up, they'd be late for school. And voila! It worked! Never had to raise my voice ever since... hehehe

  8. Nessa: wahhh. oh man, my mum raised her voice last time. It still rings in my ear. But for my siblings, I juz call them from the door or knock their door, if they lambat bangun their fault, at least I tried to wake them up. During college last time, I stayed in the hostel, I had to wake up early and call my sis's house phone to wake her up.

  9. ouh i never like Monday, hopefully I don't die on Monday, hehe

  10. baity: choi! touch wood. @_@

  11. Is it because of your age among your siblings that you are the de-facto alarm clock when your parents are away? :-P

  12. dan: there's no much age gap, my 2nd sis is 1 year older than me and my youngest bro is 2 years younger than me.. @_@ they're not kids @_@