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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Another pool problem

See, I blogged about this pool problem last 2 years (click here, if you don't remember what I'm toking about).

This year, we're facing the same problem, only at a different location LOL.

Never ending road problems.  Created by truck drivers orz.

No alternate route orz.

Imagine this place flooded by trucks, you just had to go through the pool.  *facepalming.


  1. pool's closed. i mean.. open.. errr... lol

  2. If you can't beat the pool, get yourself a shower cap and a rubber ducky! :-P

  3. wahh... free admission tu :p

  4. gitu la jadinya kalau jalan jadi laluan truck. Bahaya ni kpd kereta2 kecil.. :)

  5. @dori: ko mo mandi ka sana?

    @Dan: OMG, I am not gonna put rubber duckies there @_@

    @Henry: *facepalm.

    @Mama Mia: ;_; yabah. rusak tu jalan sija.

  6. Hey, that's a common sight on some of the main roads around here ... LOL!

  7. @Nick: it's sad. Why can't we have smooth xda lubang punya road?