Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Little Nyonya

I know I'm a bit late in watching this chinese drama series, I just have to blog about it.  Who knows there's others like me (those who didn't watch it *cough cough).  The first time I watch it was on NTV7 (it was episode 11 mind you) and I couldn't move till I'm done with it.  Interesting storyline.  This TV series is produced by MediaCorp and was aired last year November.

Colleague told me that it was on astro last year ;_; why I didn't know about it de?

Since I couldn't wait for the episode on NTV7 and wanted to watch it from the beginning, I end up watching it nonstop on youtube (click here, full episode) for 3 days.  There's obviously some pausing moment coz I have to sleep, eat and go to work.  I have a life, hello?

Oh yeah and there's a total of 34 episodes.  I'm not gonna put any spoiler or anything.  Just watch it!  It's worth to watch.  (though I hate the ending).

More info about this TV Series, here.


  1. haha. i haven't finish watch yet. going to towards the holidays !

  2. @Genova: watch it on youtube *cough cough ;) 3 days can finish confirm..if you nonstop maybe 2 days can ;)

  3. i only watched a few when i was in JB..
    interesting.. but didnt watch much.. =)

  4. @kenwooi: watch the whole shite. gerigitan oh