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Thursday, September 11, 2008

of TV Series and Movies

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOYBOY! New nickname XD

It was frustrating to find out that MSN and facebook is not working properly. I was so excited that The Amazing Race Asia Season 3 started today. I actually miss part of episodes from Season 2. No way I'm gonna miss anything this season! Anyways, the 1st episode for this season is exciting. Consist of 10 teams from all over Asia. If I'm gonna list all of em down here, it'll be too much you see. It's too early to pick a favorite team. I can't wait for the next episode. I won't wanna talk too much about it too since some might not get to watch it yet? Hehehe.

On another story, I haven't got the chance to catch Season 2 of Gossip Girl. Nooooo~~~~ No time yet. =_=" a lil bit bz with stuff. HELP~

Anyways, there's this one movie that I've wanted to blog about so badly from the past few days. Finally got to blog about it! It's this movie I watched on Astro the other day. It's a movie called Apocalypto. Again, this is not a new movie, it's been around since 2006, a movie directed by Mel Gibson. Set in Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula during the declining period of the Maya civilization, Apocalypto depicts the journey of a Mesoamerican tribesman who must escape human sacrifice and rescue his family after the capture and destruction of his village.

The film features a cast of Native American descent, and its Yucatec Maya dialogue is accompanied by subtitles.

Here check out the trailer.

I think I watched this roughly more than 3 times already. Why? Coz I get turned on with tribal tattoos and piercing. XD IT'S SO HAWT! Oh yeah and there's this lil girl who scared the tribe with the prophercy is GEWD!

Overall it's about Jaguar Paw's quest in saving his pregnant wife and kid from the well where he left/hide them during the attack from the other tribe. Yeah, he's the hero in this movie. Damn! I rike~

On another story, I'm addicted to Rihanna's Disturbia song. Oh gawd~

Yes I keep repeating it on youtube.

I still got em tags in my head. I don't know when I can have time to do it yet. Trying to catch up with blog hopping. I'll make time. I promise.

I was walking around the garden after work, I love nature and all but I SERIOUSLY HATE MOSQUITOES!!!

Anyways here's some shots I took from today.

QM yawning

eeeeee pokok nenas berbunga XD wait this is pokok nenas rite? a different kind? @_@ I'm so out of touch with plants and flowers @_@

mum's orchid. I don't dare to go in any further into the mini jungle. I is scared of sssssnnnnake @_@

Oh yeah, there's a Canon Talk Show coming on the 21st September (Sunday), more info, check Gerry's post, here.

Till then, thanks for reading. I shall finish up with my blog hop. Tea makes me stay up XD


  1. Nice cat and flowers :D

    Oh ya, from a distance, your new sig in your photos look like Jawi writings :D

  2. duck: oh nois, it should be handwriting font bah tu XD and thank yew

  3. it's okay.. I can read jawi. hehehe..

    oohhh.. I was addicted to Apocalypto when it came out last time. I watched it over and over and over again. Baru2 ni on Astro pun I watch again. hahahaa.. but damn gross lah the uncensored version. Yaiii..

    So cute, QM!! hehehe..

  4. shemah: uh i love it! XD and yes, QM minta puji XD

  5. maika9:27 AM

    I like the orchids pix.. i really wanna watch gossip girl.. xoxo

  6. Apocalypto is one of my favorite movies of all time! I look forward to Mel Gibson's next project!

  7. maika: thanks. me too T_T xoxo

    dan: uh oh! not a big mel gibson fan but this movie damn i rike!

  8. Apocalypto! One of my fav movies ni... Me 5 tiems already watch this one. Haaha...

    Me hero juga ni si Jaguar Paw;B

  9. Uhm.. I actually fell asleep during Apocalypto. LOL! Dunno la, maybe it's just not my type of movie. :P

    Btw, nice pic!!! Bagus sia berkursus sama ko ni tau!

  10. arms: best oh kan XD

    cindy: nooooooooooo!!! how could u fall asleep for tribal tattoos and piercings @_@ oh anyways thanks cin..bulih jua kita berguru sama sama XD

  11. Hmmm... I don't think dats pokok nenas, but it looks exotic :)

    Eh, I 'made' you a baju kurung for Raya (hari tu you said you don't have one)... have you seen it? :D

    *Inda la cantik tapi made from the heart tau* Hehe

  12. nessa: i'll find out wut plant is that XD uh oh...not yet, i'll check it out @_@ patching my OS dulu XD

  13. ya, i think apocalypto one of two most memorable films about the native people of the western world. the other is "the last of the mohican."

  14. Beautiful shot of the orchids. Love the bokeh. :)

  15. I love the movie trailer but it doesn't seem to be too "U" type. Quite cat. Wish I can yawn like that too but I'll be darn if I can get my sleep more than 4 hours a day with my day load:(

  16. yeah the movie is not U type. violent XD thanks...wuah 4 hours a day, i need more than 4 hours man

  17. Apocalypto.. great movie, love it.. I watch it 4 times via torrent.

  18. eshark i know wut u mean..I dun watching it again coz i feel great watching it XD