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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

How Massy celebrate her birthday in 2009

First of all, I wanna thank all my friends, families and readers for the tons of birthday wishes I received via forum, twitter, sms and facebook. It's crazy that I just had to reply it one by one.

Today was suppose to be like any other day, going to work and eating vege for lunch. But I end up waiting for parking for nearly 3 hours again today and the weather ain't helping. I was sweating so much in the car waiting that I lost hope for a parking space there.

Must wake up earlier and leave the house early. OMG! *slaps self. I hope this problem will end next month. Possibility of moving to a new office next month is high. I'm also praying for a bonus before Hari Raya. *prays hard.

Anyways, I was home all day watching tv. And my bro suggested we go to Japanese Dream Train for dinner tonite. Since dad went outstation and Lyne is with her hubby. It's just gonna be me, mum, bro and sis.

What did I get this year?

Dad = $
Mum = $
2nd sis = Boots ;)

*hint to Eldest sis. ehem~ if u're reading this. I got some lunch dates with friends ;) wuah these people wanna gimme double chin ah?

I overall skipped rice for 3 weeks already.

Anyways, back to the story at JDF (Japanese Dream Food). I had boxing chicken and Curry Chicken Rice. Met Susan (Osindak) there. My bad, I didn't notice she was there. Anyways, she left after paid for her meal and after awhile, 2 plates of cream puff drop by our table.

Thank yew Susan so much for the cream puff. 2 years no cake and this year I get 2 plates of cream puff, I'm so happy. Words can't describe how happy I am now.

This is me trying to do my usual pose but everyone else was laffing *sweat. I can't do my usual pose *sweat.

So, our fewd arrived and after awhile, a lady drop by our table and gave us a coupon. *lost for words~ GG!

That was random. Waw, I'm feeling lucky!

One of my best day ever! Excluding the waiting for parking in the morning. Tomorrow is a new day and I'm gonna wake up early! Yosh! Tomorrow got free meal yay~

Anyways, remember my post earlier this morning about the Durian Jam?

It looks like Kaya Jam rite? But it's Durian and taste like Durian too. This is sold at RM5 each. Homemade by JnaGG's mum. If you wanna get your hands on em, follow this link. Trust me when I say I'm very skeptical when it comes to jam. Not a fan. Seriously. But this is a must try! I love it! *spread it on bread. I wanna eat this in the morning. I hope we dun finish it fast. Coz they ran out of stock and might only available next month.

Oh yeah, and I got a present from BakaNeko too. A Gundam 00 figure. Neko I want Shakugan no Shana black hair, kyouka twins kthxpie!

I think I cover pretty much everything on my birthday. Oh and yeah, sorry this year no party. T_T


  1. Anonymous9:59 PM


    Here is a kiss from sotong!

    ^0^ ~o-muaks!~


  2. @anonymous: knp jadi anonymous ni? @_@ *facepalm. wadda! harassment!

  3. Happy Birthday!!!

  4. @youliang: thx! XD

  5. one thing i dislike coming to your blog bcos u post excessive food hungry now!

  6. @chegu: opps sorry XD kekekekeke I'm hungry too T_T

  7. Happy birthday to you ...
    Happy birthday to you ...
    Happy birthday to Maslight ...
    Happy birthday to you ...

    Tengok, I sing you birthday song ... LOL! Have a great birthday :D

  8. @Nick: wahhh so nice, tq tq XD

  9. OMG!! besday ko ke??? hehehe.. hepi belated birthday dear!!!

    =p =p

  10. haha =)
    didn't know that yours is the same as mine. LOL

  11. @Jard: yeah, yesterday was my b'day thanx XD

    @nabil: hahahahahah same day b'day yay! XD happy belated b'day to u too XD

  12. Hi, Happy Birthday! =)

  13. hi massy....u have the same birthday with my nephew! Happy belated birthday!!!! ekekekekeeee...

  14. @Amy C: wahhh ramai jua same date brithday as me...thankie XD

  15. happy birthday! hope it is still not to late to wish hehe...

  16. @viv: it's never too late. Thanks *hugs.

  17. Happy belated bday Massy :D

  18. sa sudah wish kaitu ah? kalau bulum,
    *lights a candle*

    Happy Birthday To You
    Happy Birthday To You
    Happy Birthday To You Massy ^^
    Happy Birthday To You..

  19. @cicak: hahahah wish banyak kali pun xpa XD kekeke thank yew.

  20. alamak, hope i'm not too late too wish u happy birthday!! -_-

  21. @baity: it's never too late ;)

  22. Woah! Is that Japanese Curry I see??

    Happy Belated Birthday!
    Looks like you had an awesome one!

  23. @chien: yes! japanese curry is love XD thanks

  24. Happy Birthday :D

  25. Happy Belated Bday Massy!!!!!!!!