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Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Weekend

So I went to my usual morning jog. We were a bit late but it's ogie coz it's not hot. It's really nice to sleep in the morning, coz it's cold. But I had to force myself to continue with this routine or I won't be able to control my fewd consumption.

On the way out of my house area, the security guard from the warehouse stopped us and told us that one of the lorry bang one of the telephone pole around 1am this morning. Is that our phone pole? @_@"""

We went to Restoran Juara at Inanam for Kon Lou Mee. This mee cost RM4. I've raved this before so I'll just type my review here.

Hmm so lemme see, the chicken is tasty. You gotta love em chicken skin. But the amount of chicken on my place = too little. Three (3) slice only? @_@""" The kon lou mee erm, something is lacking. The chili is tasty! That saved the taste. But erm, yeah it's not tastelss/bland but it's lacking something. I dunno what it is but yeah.

Oh but this place, the chicken pau and the chicken rice is tasty. Well to me it is lah~.

We went to Giant at Kolombong but it's not open yet. *sigh aiya I forgot it's not 9am yet. That place only opens around 10am or so.

Anyways, on our way back, I thought I'd document this idiocy and blog about it. LOL! How evil~

Now, here we can see, the pole is not straight anymore.

Another shot from a different angle.

I don't think other lorries can pass through in this condition. Imagine if it's the electric pole

And the culprit is


*sound effect: DUN DUN DUN~

You never get away from massy's blog! HAH!

Me and my bro decided to bring out the kittens from the cage. Yeap, my dad don't want em running around breaking things in the house. So we had to cage em. *sigh. I only manage to take shots of Ronnie and QD.

Here's Ronnie. He was moving so much that when he finally stop, I manage to shoot this. This considered a lucky shot coz I didn't have time to adjust the lens.

eye twitching? XD

And here's our cute QD, all grown up. XD etto~ gomene~ I sort of focus on the wrong thing here. She was trying to catch my camera. Now we don't want her scratching the camera do we?

awww~ she look more like her grandma

Anyways, I'd also went to the garden around noon. Silly me. Hey that's the only best time to get butterflies ogie? But I couldn't find a butterfly who wanted to "pose" for me. I'll post about that next time.

I'd also took a shot of my brother sleeping XD wakkakakak.

And that's about it for today. Have a great weekend!!!


  1. ur QD looks a little bit like my sis' Proto.

    I been to Juara in Inanam and Tuaran. Last time ok lah..sekarang ni mcm teda mcm dulu suda taste dia...kegawatan ekonomi mangkali..uhuuhhu...

  2. angel bear: XD wahhhh XD twin! XD yeah lately the makanan there macam kurang sedap. tukar chef kali

  3. Just gonna say 2 things...


    2. LAPAAAAAAAAARR.......

  4. dino: astaga pg makan bah astaga..XD cute kan my cats XD

  5. QD's photo - cute, the pose remind me of the movie Shrek la,

  6. your cats are so clean ><

  7. greg: u mean puss in boots? XD

    hayumi: XD kekekeke they should be clean! but not all my cats are clean @_@

  8. Eeeeeh Ronnie & QD so cutteeeee!!!Ronnie look abit like my hirro masa kecik2, minus the spot on the hidung...heheheheeee....

  9. Amy C: cute kan..ada lagi erm 7 blum se post gambar XD

  10. everytime i masuk ur blog.mesti i lapar.

    omg.ur cats! so adorable!

    QD is making that puss in boots' infamous muka kesian/cute/grigitan.


  11. jacq: yeah my blog seems to be famous from those fewd posts LOL XD se suka makan XD tulah tu..

    yeap, QD is noisy if we put her in the cage. XD but if we let her run around the house, abis la barang pecah XD ganas kalau main kejar kejar tu..

  12. hahhaha. giant tutup . like me last time too. at 1st heran why tutup, then later only realized we were too early pulak. LOL.

    baru tau the lorry.. tangkap diaorang!

    I tot that was u yg tidur.. doooi.. so siok one.

  13. JPP Papa: hahahah yabah, confident lagi tu pg giant mana tau they only open at 10am ancus eh...yah!!! kin panas sini tu lorry hmph~ hahahahahah...yeah my bro yang tido. not me, he look a lot like me when he was slimmer XD

  14. last time i went there for nasi ayam .. the lada is nice but the rest is kureng la

  15. bubbleberry: yes the lada still very nice

  16. Juara always have free nasi tambah wooooo

  17. Aj: ayam goreng lah se mo

  18. what Tuesday alredy no new post? Ban ban ban this blog. hahahhaa. J/K.

    you more like me now.. when no posting.. trus no postinglah kan. Relax saja bah. enjoy life.

    and makan konlomen.. wahhhh.. i got to check that place!

  19. JPP Papa: adabah..blum upload photos sija mwahhahaha XP

    tapi kan papa, kon lou men sana thien thien gaya street lagi sedap

  20. big road pun dia dapat langgar tu tiang..hahaha

  21. vam vam: yabah...budu kan..i think he's drunk or sleepy or plain idiot