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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A routine check

I woke up this morning thinking what day is it. I seriously thought it's Thursday. LOL.

My mood was as gloomy as the weather yesterday. But I'm fine now.

Aight so here it is. I live a boring life.

  • Waking up - depending on my body clock. I could sometimes wake up around 3am/4am/5am just to check my handphone clock. My alarm clock is at 5:30am. Why I set it so early. Coz I have another one set around 6am (which is the time I'm suppose to wake up). Weather plays a major factor in the actual time to wake up. Well I normally wake up around 6:30am. My bad.
  • Sit in front of the computer - yes, it's a really bad habit of mine. If I'm able to go online. That's the first thing I would do when I wake up. What happen to "lessen the time being online huh?". Ehem, I still got a whole year to fix this! XD
  • Check the usual site - I usually open 3 browser. Yes, I'm such a multi tasker. 1 for CSP forum, 1 for facebook (oh shite) and another for my blog (this one right here for any comments).
  • Blog hopping - erm, this one right here, I think I need to change the time. I mean sometimes there's like more than 10 different blog in my blog roll that did an update. Erm, yes I take my time when I'm reading which is bad. This is also one of the reason I'm late for work hahahahahha opps~ My office must not know this fact! Hehe.
  • Shower & get ready for work - you see, I got this problem with the washroom in my room. The water leak to my sis's bedroom if I use it. So, I'd be running downstairs for a washroom. The not so fun part about it, waiting for people and no water heater. Yes, I shower with cold water. Brrr~ Once that's done, I'll be running back to my room to get ready. LOL. I got this bad habit of ironing my clothes in the morning. I have a mindset of doing it the day before or on the weekends but I'm just too lazy. I know I shouldn't be but *sigh. This has got to change. Seriously! Once I'm done getting ready. Ogie fine! I lied, after shower I normally be sitting in front of my computer again to check the forum. Oh gawd. Bad habit. Anyways, I usually done getting ready around 7:30am. Hahahaha. I know, I'm super late. It gets worst everyday.
  • Breakfast - I usually "tapau" breakfast from home. Unless there's erm nothing. I'll be getting it around my office area.
  • Office - Even if I'm early, I'll usually end up waiting for parking for 30mins to an hour. Yes, when you work in the city. This is one of the things that will piss you off. Hence, why I'm only at work around before or after 9am.
  • Work - If I have any, I'll be finishing it up first. Once I'm done, I'll be playing games online or blog hopping and checking forum, checking facebook again. Yes. See how boring this is.
  • After work - If it's not raining, I'd be jogging with my siblings.
  • After jog - I'll be home. Back to being online. OMG!
  • Sleep - I sleep around midnight or past midnight usually. But I'm fixing that. I'm gonna sleep around 10pm. At least! Coz I tried sleeping around 9pm, I end up waking up around 3am *shite indeed.
So yeah, that pretty much sums it up.



  1. hahhaa...i thou its thursday too...whats wrong with us??

  2. Walau! at least you're better. I thought it was a holiday la!!!! kakakaka

  3. kadus mama: inda tau oh..heran se..that rarely happen XD

    yinsi: cny is juz around the corner XD

  4. wow..i guess u must be very updates with other people's blog..hehehhe...

  5. fiona: pretty much XD if they are in my list of fellow bloggers XD