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Friday, January 16, 2009

Shortcut no more

For those who been to my house, would probably know about this "illegal" u-turn that we always use. Sadly, they barred part of that place. Only cars from the other side of the road can make the u-turn. *sigh. Unlucky for us, we had to drive to the next available u-turn. Which is located almost near to uncle's house. Guess I have to leave the house 10 minutes earlier than my usual time. Oh well.

More on the unrelated topic side. I'll post up a bug photo I took the other day.

Well, I was suppose to post this up few days ago but I couldn't seem to bring myself to online these past few days. I slowed down on blog hopping too.

Anyways, remember when I blog about my broken spectacle. I seriously need a new one. I mean I have 2 extra ones but somehow it doesn't seem to fit my eyes nicely. I've been woozy for the last few days. It's all strains from the eyes. So, look at my current poll. Vote! Whether you wanna see me with a spectacle/glasses or contact lens? XD hehehe.

Hmm saw some contractor clearing out the land next door. I wonder why. Another house? WAW~ new neighbour. There's actually a new house around my area but the owner seems to be modifying the designs again and again. It's a never ending construction work there. Oh, the road to my house looks a bit wider than usual. Yay for clearing parts of the jungle. At least it's easier for us drivers to see our road while cornering. Less dangerous.

On another story, I would like to state this clearly. I seriously dislike meetings. It's the most stressful process ever. People sit in a room, to discuss and find solution to matters/problems not having an arguement about how big their "BALLS" are! Geez~ And I HATE, NOT DISLIKE, I REPEAT, HATE POLITICS!!! I've seen lotsa kiss arses before and it's annoying. No offence to those who're into it. But to me, it's a waste of time and it's lame. I need peace and quiet.

Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Massy!

    That's one big, black, bulbous bug!

  2. perry: hahahahaha it's not that big XD it's juz buzzing all the way @_@

  3. KISS ARSEEEE! Smooch! Smooch!

  4. kesian, but what to do lah ho? Paksa saja lah wake up a bit earlier. Hehehe

  5. fara: LOL

    rozie: yeah, try to make myself up early @_@

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. How to kiss arse ahh??? any idea??

  8. Waah.. semakin kick your skill nih. Good shot!

  9. eshark: inda sukup kick XD mo kasi kick lagi XD