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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I actually had something to post yesterday but somehow it was too stressful that I don't want to. So today, I'm gonna start with a new post. What about? Beats me XD

Lack of ideas on what to post. I wanna go on a holiday or a roadtrip or uh CNY is just around the corner.


Ogie, before I proceed. I would like to say that I'm stuffed. *burps I had 2 hash browns and since me and my bro bought this "EXPENSIVE" cheddar cheese *drools~ Yeah it cost around RM17. But damn. It was so tempting that I finish up my lunch. Dammit. I should have save it for later but noooooooooo it keeps on calling. Oh well. Guess I'm skipping lunch today. Heheh.

Btw, yesterday's post was about the jam. The crazy jam at Gaya Street. It usually took me around 10 minutes or so to reach my sis's office at Sadong but this whole jam thing expand it till nearly an hour. Yeap. I was stucked in a jam on Monday for nearly an hour. Sucks big time. Especially if you're working in the city! Dammit.

I just love how blue the sky looks yesterday. But as usual, it started pouring in the afternoon.

How gloomy @_@"""

Btw, there's a rumour going on about a sex maniac around my building. Most likely to be at 1st floor during the mornings. He either grabs the ladies here or he "flashes" em. Scary. @_@""" There's currently around 3 -4 victims. Believed to be a chinese, male, with a cap. No idea from where though. @_@"" scary~ But the aunty cleaner said she keep a look out, but never came across such individual before. Hmm. It remains a mystery.

The colleague were discussing solutions of how they gonna encounter the freak. LOL especially the guys.

Solution 1: Kick his balls.
Solution 2: Mock his "thinggie".
Solution 3: Pepper spray.

That's all I could hear from eavesdropping from my room LOL. Till the next post. Yes, I know my post today is kinda boring. Sorry 'bout that. It's the holiday mood again.


  1. yerrrr so so scary lar, got sex maniac near ur building... @_@

    u shud learn karate massy...kick kick kick~~~

  2. amy c: eeeeeee i think i need to bring pepper spray la ni..kin takut oh

  3. bah bah mas...jaga..^^

  4. vam vam: CHOI!!!!! CHOI CHOI CHOI! palis palis @_@ tu makcik guarding the floors tu XD

  5. But i never visit ur 1st floor office also...


  6. magi~ i can comfirm that hamsap lou is SOTONG desu~ *___*

  7. sotong: astaga u perv. u visit other office kan OMG! u "flasher" LOL

    sakuya chan: *nods nods..kowaii desu ne~

  8. Timtams9:01 AM

    Mas if he flashes u, what u should do is to laugh out really hysterically LOUD and then tell him how small his doodle is! Padan muke nya!

  9. Timtams: LOL hahahaha touch wood if I ever come across that perv

  10. Happy tapi half happy CNY lah cos 1st day pun sia kerja. Hehehehe But I'm haraping for tons of ang pau!!!

  11. rozie: this year I dun think i'll get much ang pows T_T so sad

  12. Take a picture of him and his brother, haha!

  13. huiwen: OMG XD I'm so getting a pepper spray..spray his "brother"

  14. i thought i commented here already like yesterday or day before?? same posting kah dis??
    Man, while u so burp, full, me so tired overwork..
    hope u have many angpows lah... or many oranges :D

  15. Papa JPP: I dun want anymore oranges. *trauma~

  16. OMG Massy! We had the same problem last year. A few of our classmates were the victims and the description is similar to those you have just stated.

    Anyway, what a bummer eh, the jam. Actually it's ATI's fault. We're gonna move to the new building on March, that's why they have to fix the pipes, which is causing the jam.

  17. Donna: OHOH! so ic. Eh so the roundabout? Temporary sija la? Pingsan la if no roundabout XD

    Oh where's ATI moving? XD

  18. About the Sex Maniac part, sia tambah..

    Solution 4 : kembiri him!

  19. that day i heard the ppl from the shop chase that bastard around gaya street..I wonder wut happen