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Monday, January 05, 2009

2009 To Do List

This is post no. 5 this year. No, my brain didn't get the rest that it should but it's been processing data all night.

It's been in my head on repeat mode. So I guess I better list it down. Before I go crazy.

Massy should be reminded to do these things:
  1. Get new curtains! For gawd sake massy needs new curtains.
  2. Paint the room. I've been wanting to do this since last year but the amount of clutter OMG! you can't imagine. Pick a color. Anything but pink thank yew.
  3. Control eating habits. I don't wanna turn out double my size this year. Anything but that, PLEASE! Ehem, to my "personal" counselor, you know what to do. Thank yew! You're the best!
  4. Jog everyday.
  5. Stop thinking too much and stop making people worry. Bad massy bad!
  6. Get new spectacle or contact lens (HAH!).
  7. Spend more time with the kitties.
  8. Spend less time being online. GAWD!
  9. Beach walk every now and then.
  10. Plan a holiday!
  11. Fold em clothes. *cough cough. Yes, I've been dumping my clothes on the bed. Well since it's a King size bed, I only need half of it to sleep. Bad habit bad! Gahhh I used to be so damn organized.
  12. Send car to car wash at least once every 2 weeks? Erm maybe 3 weeks? The thought of dust around my housing area is just depressing man. I can't have my car wash everyday or once every week and find it dirty the next day. It's darn depressing.
  13. Save more money for gadgets *cough cough.
  14. Stop getting cute figurines! Darn it!
  15. Must not curse at retard drivers. This one a bit hard. Massy can't handle stewpedity.
  16. Cosplay? *cough cough. I doubt this will happen. I have someone in mind. NB XD
  17. Wake up early and don't be late for work LOL (I just remember this).
  18. Redo my portfolio (*sweat. Somebody reminded me of this *sweat again).
So ogie, there's 15 17 now. I'll update the list from time to time. When I come up with any.


  1. mas mas!let go beach walk ~~!

  2. lessi go >.<""" ikou ikou!

  3. Start dari no. 11, 12, 13 ,14 tuh err.. macam ndak buleh percaya ja that buleh buat! yang no. 15, astagaaa..

  4. eshark: wakakkakaka yah mmg phail XD but lets not get our hopes down just yet hekekekeke

  5. I'll pick yellow! I mean really really light yellow. Very soothing.

    Or army green. Nice.. But maybe it's a bit dark for a bedroom.

    My room is in neutral colour, barley white. Sigh, mum picked those.

  6. Donna: XD i'm thinking of an apple green, @_@ i can't make up my mind, i saw red looks nice too, uh oh lavender looks nice too @_@ i'm dhoomed

  7. You and me, likewise on point 8. But, as long as there is new music, it's gonna be something impossible for me!

    Happy New Year!

  8. Dan: omg, new music is a must! XD happy new year!

  9. Beach Walk? First, second or third? Hi there :D

  10. elizabeth: any place that calls a beach XD

  11. 'Must not curse at retard drivers.' LOL!

    That's one resolution I don't think I could ever keep!

  12. Nick: I know wut u mean, I mean I tried to not swear at them but I couldn't help myself to. Oh gawd, it's bad.

  13. adeh, punya la main panjang list ko massy! kalah sa owh!!! kekekeke

  14. jog everyday?? seriouslyy?? omg, good luck! get hot pink curtains with a hot pink wall! LOL!

  15. amy c: wkakaka inda panjang bah, sikit jak tu XD

    syura: yes, i wanna jog everyday! XD OMG but i said no pink @_@ how could u XP

  16. Regardless what u said about number 16, I personally think number 16 is likely to happen compared to number 8. :-P

  17. dino: hahahhahaha OMG @_@

  18. Massy we have a lot of the same resolutions! Sia pun mau makeover body, mind and soul!

  19. Happy new year Mas!! Sori belated.

    At least you did 5 posts, sia baru 2! Still in a lazy mode... sighhh...

    To do list #3. If you've successfully controlled that, PLEASE kasi tau sia ah... :D

    #11. I can fold your clothes for you... RM1.00 per baju! LOL!

  20. rozie: waw, XD kekekek make over XD

    nessa: LOL, currently trying to eat 3 pcs of bread for lunch, it's been 2 days and i'm bored of it. OMG hahahahah banyak baju berlonggok di katil XD

  21. New Year new theme. Happy new year!

  22. lebih kurang jugak kita massy! I also need curtains! hahahaha..

    I've started my exercise.. Cheh! Terbangun pukul 6 just now. Allie wanted her milk, and then instead of going back to sleep, I said, bagus I exercise.. wuahh!!! you ndak rasa kah bergegar KK?? Shemah exercise awal pagiiii!! wowww.. LOL!

    Anyways, I'm trying to fit in another session in the evening. Cannot lah.. menggumuk saja last year.

    I also want to plan a holiday this year. Where to?? Where to?? Any ideas??

  23. Shem: wahhh yah!!! mari kita exercise XD bersemangat ni.. XD yah! i had too much to eat last year, terlampau banyak @_@ urgh. Uh oh, I have a plan to go Jakarta actually XD but I wanna visit my relatives in Singapore oso T_T