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Saturday, January 24, 2009

the UNPLANED plan

Just when the weather started to get better, it starts to rain again. There goes my jogging plan. *sigh. Instead of going for a run with the umbrella, we decided to go somewhere else. Where else? 1 Borneo. Why? DAISO! XD

I was a bit hungry coz I had fruits for lunch. Damn, I think one of my colleague bought something really nice coz it sure smells like steamed fish with soy sauce, *drools~. I had tea just to keep me awake. I mean I was sleepy. I slept for less than an hour. Or you call that a nap? Yes, I was dead bored alone in the office while the other 4 of my lady colleague went for facial LOL.

Anyways, while at 1 Borneo, our first destination will always be Daiso. I went there just to browse for new stuff. Hmmm, I actually bought some stuff for the making of something. Ogie fine! It's a DIY Light Box like what vam vam did, check it here. This is gewd. I mean I usually use 1 piece of cardboard with 2 shoe boxes on the side and 1 extra light LOL. So yeah, I even took 1 paper box from work kekekekek. Wait till I have time to make em.

After that, we went for dinner. It's owez a problem to have dinner there. I mean we couldn't decide on what to eat. It took us er more than 30 minutes to decide LOL. I actually wanted to eat the Chicken Teriyaki at New York New York but hmm, we went to the fewd court instead. There's a steamboat buffet set up there. RM20 per person I think. But we went to the Western Food Corner in front instead, where we had the tasty curry puff and the chicken rice the last time.

This time we went and try the Sarawak Laksa, the Spaghetti Bolognaise and Fish and Chips. Check out my raves, here.

And once we're done, we can't decide what to do. My bro suggested we go watch a movie. The movie most suitable during that time was, Underworld 3: Rise of the Lycans. Well since I thought, I've watched the first 2 part of this movie, why not watch the 3rd one rite?

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE THIS MOVIE. I don't care whatever you guys said. I love it! XD BLOOD AND GORE!!! XD

This is a movie about a war between Vampires and Werewolves. But somehow I think the Vampires are weak in the sense that they can't protect themselves *cough cough. But yeah, I LOVE IT! Ehem sorry, I'm not gonna explain any further about this movie. Just watch it if you love Vampires! XD

The not so fun part about watching at the cinema is that it's a public place and you tend to come across "retards". It's either they can't read, or they're too dumb to understand or they're just too stewped that they don't know how to turn off or silent their phone. LOL. The part where my sis shouted "PHONE!!!" and "IDIOT" was funny. Coz it was quiet after that, LOL for awhile.

Another problem was the ehem China people sitting behind us. Oh gawd, I think they don't know how to whisper? Coz they were talking so loud behind us. "Ohhhh, there's gold". My brother was annoyed and got me annoyed too. I had to turn and look at them. There's moments of silence for awhile too. Till it reaches to a point to the end of the movie where they start talking loud again. OMG! The movie not finish yet la. OH yeah, and their expression towards sexy lady in a Spritzer advertisement hahahahaha. Oh but I was kind of speechless after the advertisement. LOL. It's just er, lets just say it's not great. LOL.

So, yeah, that's pretty much it. Thanks for reading peeps.


  1. how come everytime u watch movie memang ada pengacau behind u..haha...poor poor mas mas n bex bex

  2. rachael12:48 PM

    kekekeke light box r....
    kena vam's poison.
    *pat pat massy*

  3. vam vam: maybe GSC ada toyol XD

    rach rach: yabah T_T *blames vam vam

  4. xie xie ni de zhu fu, yuan ni you ge fan rong de xin nian

  5. i LOVE stuffs that has anything to do with vampires or werewolves.

    i think Lucian is hot.

  6. hahahhahaha, oh lucian is hawt when he's not a werewolf XD