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Monday, January 05, 2009

Family Dinner: Seremban Seafood Restaurant

Talking about expensive. This place is expensive. I mean it looked like a normal seafood restaurant but the charges for the dish is way ridiculous. Anyways, this place located at Alamesra, opposite of 1 Borneo. You can't really miss it.

Anyways, here's dinner.

My reviews here. I mean don't get me wrong, it's not that the fewd not gewd. It's just not great for the price tag. And that pretty much end this post.


  1. Nah!! as always.. food pics everywhere.. Lapar suda saya this, the time now is just only 11am, lama lagi this lunch time.

    btw, good coverage + photography! bikin sia butul2 lapar ni.

  2. eshark: hahahah thanks, alah but this place damn pricey man @_@ bagus lagi pigi salut or gayang seafood

  3. u guys didn't try their signature dish.. tu apa ah? Yg dry Crab dish tu? Only that dish ah, but RM200 plus bah the total. Crazy! First and the last I go there!

  4. dry crab dish? grilled crab ka? @_@ no oh, teda pulak dia recommend. but the sweet and sour crab pun mo dekat rm90, we were like @_@ wadda punya mahal.. yeah 1st and last tu XD

  5. im sorry but that fish looks damn scary :/

  6. elfie: XD hahahahahah but it's gewd XD

  7. sorry menyibuk. but i recommend you to go to rikaraya seafood restaurant at Kota Belud. located at kg kuala abai. well its cheap but delecious and i sure kamu akn puas hati dgn masakan da.The restaurnt look so random. but dont judge a book by its cover okay?

  8. kenyamuach!: aight i'll take note. XD should go try one of these days. Thanks!