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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Road Trip: I went to somewhere foggy


Lemme start my post by saying that heck! I was sick last nite and slept darn early. I end up waking up at 4am after 8 hours of sleep. DARN IT!

*takes deep breath

Ogie fine, maybe I was excited with going to the butterfly farm. Where? Crocker Range Park. NOT! It's actually located somewhere Moyog? Anyone know where? Anyways, we'll get to that later. Meanwhile, lemme write about how my day went.

PAUSE: It's raining! I need to pick up my clothes from outside @_@""

First of all, I showered around 6:30am (I think), coz I finish watching Soul Eater anime (episode 39). So then, everything was fine till...


My spectacle broke in half. *sigh. Lucky for me. I'd learnt from my pass experience. Hehe. I got 2 more. So now I'm using my black frame "nerd" spec. It's not as comfortable as my usual one but it'll do for the time being. Till I get some $$ to get a new one.

Rest in peace. You served me well.


We left home at around 8am or so. Went to Donggongon to eat Ngau Chap at mum's favorite place. It's located near the RM2 shop. Or a look alike RM2 shop? I didn't check the name. Btw, my mum got these cute mugs for RM1.90. Cheap! She previously bought 2. This time, I asked her to get 4. Coz it's so thick and it's suitable for my tea sessions. XD

Ah yes. We went to this Coffee Shop called Kedai Kopi Loi Hin.

Ordered the Ngau Chap. I think it cost around RM5 per bowl.

I don't eat intestines ok. So, I got em meatballs.

This coffee shop have few branch actually. And it's sort of a family business. There's another branch in Kolombong. I wonder if it taste the same. Hehe.

Next destination, the FOGGY place!!!

PAUSE: I need to shower. I came back around 5pm and I'm sticky @_@""

Oh the road along the Papar road we stop by a stall selling fruits. They have rambutans, durians and etc. My parents bought quite a number.

And here is the road to Keningau. It's a up and down ride. Oh and I gotta say with my dad's driving skills, made it look like a roller coaster. @_@""" I don't have a problem with speed if I'm the one driving. But if my dad's the one driving. OH man. I didn't count the number of times my mum reminded my dad to slow down.

PAUSE: uh uh~ I wanna eat dinner (KFC) first.

FOG AHEAD!!! Turn on your lights! @_@"""

Yes, it's foggy coz it rained. This reminds me of the movie "The Fog". Even so, it's the best experience ever! The cool breeze! Blowing and messed up my hair. But it's ogie, at least I enjoyed it. Hehe.

Notice: Most of the shots are taken when the was moving @_@"" and here I thought I'm the crazy driver. Well guess again.

See, mum was all panicky (*points to the above shot to the bottom right people!).

Ogie, maybe not. LOL. Well she's the closest to me to shoot. And I was "tied up" (seat belts *urgh).

This part of the road is dangerous. Drive slow.

When we reach the Crocker Range Park office, we had to go to the loo. Oh yeah, notice there's a bottle in between those 2 doors? Pay 20 cents. Lotsa coin in the bottle. Anyways, when we got there it was around noon, we were slightly hungry, too bad, the canteen there close, the cook haven't got there yet. So we had durian for lunch. Small and expensive but tasty. I'm talking about the durians OGIE!

Went to the office and asked where the Butterfly farm located. Found out we actually went to the wrong place @_@""" erk~ Anyways, instead of going back, we went to the park instead. Bought tickets at the office and head to the park entrance. Tickets is RM3 per person btw.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention. There's a small waterfall near the main office. There's also this unique chess table made out of wood. Too bad they didn't clean it *sigh. I would want one of this.

Here are the places you can go around the park.

According to the guide, people normally go there at night for the bugs.

Anyways, we went to the insectrium (100m), the paku pakis area (500m), the watch tower (700 m) and the rafflesia place (700m). This whole hiking thinggie took us 40 minutes. It was fun and all "exercising". The not so fun part was getting your blood sucked by mosquitos.

there's lotsa torch ginger around. i saw some beautifully bloomed ones but it was too far away from me *sigh

It's actually 1 big circle. Well, it wasn't that bad. I mean to be surrounded by nature. There's a path to follow but since it rained earlier, it's all muddy, so need to be careful where you step. All of us slipped every now and then. There's lotsa species of plants. They didn't have all of em labelled yet. But it would be kewl if they did.

Oh yeah and there's some real bugs there. In a container. My bro would love these. Uhu~ too bad for you boy! XD But the sad thing is that they only have this "couple" here.

Anyways, the watch tower need some maintaining. It doesn't look safe to me. Oh I took a full lengh shot of it, but er covered by leaves so yeah, not gonna post it. It looked fugly. Sorry.

Lucky I changed to long jeans. Oh not forgetting, on the way back up, there's quite a number of leaches on my shoe. EWWWWWWWWWWWwwwwwww!!!! *paranoid. I know I'm exaggerating a bit, it's not that big really. But still, EWWWWWWWwwwwwwwwwWwwWwW!!!! I'm sorry, when I reach back to the starting point, I was all squeamish. And obviously I was sweating from all the walking. But still, it was fun.

My mum was complaining how my dad owez leave her behind *chuckles.

We were on our way home after that whole hiking. We dropped by at a roadside restaurant for lunch (more like tea time). It's not bad. I mean it could be better. There's this china dood who's selling shirts from China. He was happy coz my dad bought his shirt. Oh but, the kewl part is the demo. He burn the shirt with his lighter. No burn marks. GG!

It started to rain for quite a bit and I fell asleep on the way back.

Come to notice, after all that photos and text, I realized that I didn't take any shot of myself there OMG! @_@""" oh well, there's owez next time hehe. And I'm sorry if I didn't post too many photos or take much photos. Er, it's just that, I was worried that I might fall with my face down and break my camera. So, instead, I took the safe way of holding my camera safe and sound while I carefully walk the muddy pathway. OH and the horror with the leaches EwwwWwwwWWWWWWWWW!!!!

And that's it!

Thanks for taking your time reading this uber long post. Have a pleasant week!


  1. Walao~ Magi~ i oso wan follow desu yo~ XD

  2. road tripppppp~~~~

    your parents so cool aaa.. bring u jalan2 always XD

  3. sakuya: XD lets go road trip desu!

    fara: ehem, i make them bring me. mana bulih they sija haf fun! i want road trip XD it makes me relax! in other words, less stressful. though i normally sleep on the way back XD

  4. I is crave for a road trip too! Its been a while. Hola me if there is any group road trips among friends.

  5. dino wokeh! XD lessi go roadtrip! XD

  6. This entry makes me miss KK! :-P

  7. Dan: bah turun kk XD but lately ujan a lot oh

  8. intestines?? eww! hehe..

    waa..bestnyer cuti2 kat sabah ek..

    u're makin me homesick..huhu

  9. Jard: yeah that's eww for me too XD kekeke eventhough i used to eat it when I was younger. HAH! my parents tipu that time, time kicik kicik x tau apa benda makan hmph~ yeah~ best! lets go road trip XD

  10. Yes, the Ngiu Chap stall that you ate in (Kedai Kopi Loi Hin) is actually a family business.

    But the branches are different names and they're not in Kolombong...

    They're in Bornion Centre (next toe Foh Sang).

    Whenever you're at Milimewa Bornion Centre, look around there for Kedai Kopi Lai Heng and the shop opposite the char sau shop. Those shops belong to their family too!

  11. Nick: eh, but my mum told me there's a branch in Kolombong leh

  12. cool! reminds me of my last trip there with my cuzzies from australia in 2006..

  13. charlton: the fog? XD

  14. Dui kesian tu spectacle patah! You don't use any kanta lekap kah?

    Oh! dis time food pic cikit jak.. there's one kedai ngau cap di damai area, pun not so bad sadap jgk!

    Aik! I notice the entrance fee naik RM1 sudah, uii'ih! siuk kamurang jln2 ah!

  15. eshark: kanta lekap ka? hmm i'll think about it. i got used to spec bah..i got 2 spare, nasib baik, i learnt from lesson bah, dulu patah terus no spec ancus. XD this time ada back up

    hehehehe yeah sikit makan mar..1 hari trip. oooooo damai sebelah mana? mo try jua. eh? inda tau oh, it's my first time to crocker range park XD tapi hiking best walaupun jalan becak!

  16. Holy cripes. Your poor specs. :S

  17. compy: kesian kan T_T

  18. bahaya eh jalan kimanis.
    nasib ur car tidak gostan when tym mo naik

  19. OMG! I know that ngiu chap shop!!!
    I always order ka liu ka liu till my dad always use 'weight' to force me to stop T_T

  20. jacq teo: hahahaha my dad yang drive..crazy driver hmph~

    ling ling: LOL XD