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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I have no idea what's wrong with me

I keep thinking how am I gonna blog about toyboy's wedding dinner. I've uploaded 60/388 shots from that nite. All I'm gonna say is that the fewd was great and it was definitely a great nite. The other photos gonna take awhile though. Most of the shots taken using my camera are taken either by Dizzy chan or my bro or Mika chan (Bev). LOL. Check out the photos, here. Ahhh, Ki Chan uploaded some of the photos I sent to her too, but I can't seem to link it. No worries. I'll find time to upload the other shots if I could. Resizing and editing some of it are tiring. Seriously. I'm not done with sending em photos to people yet.

I know this post is suppose to be about BBQ but I'm combining the post. *rofl.

Anyways, I was doing some grocerry shopping with my mum at Giant the other day and came across, these, Genova (ogie I dunno his name, sorry), blogged about it, and my sis were recommending it too, so I decided to get both Ginger beer and Root beer. These are product of Australia. I notice lotsa products from Ozzie ni. I've tried the Ginger beer, it's not bad, it's a combination of a strong ginger taste and gas. @_@ But talking about ginger er ale? I like F&N brand, issit F&N? The ones in red can? *blurs~ I'll try to find it one of these days. Uh oh, Cottage Wise chips comes in 3 new flavour. I bought all 3. Umm, Peparoni flavour, Cheese flavour and er I forgot what's the other one. But! And I mean but! CHEESE FLAVOUR!!! OH THAT IS SO MY FAVORITE! *puts in must buy chips list. LOL

one for the album. us siblings with Ivy and baby Felicia X3. you guys must be wondering why I'm wearing my hoodie, it's to cover my head, it was raining. no i'm not cold LOL I just need to cover my head

And now, I shall blog about the BBQ. I was actually slightly confused and I nearly forgot all about it. I wanted to join the guys for ultimate frisbee but I haven't meet my former neighbour for years. My former neighbour is also my sis, Tina's ex-classmate. It's er for baby Felicia's full moon? *blurs~ Awww she's such a cutie. She's 2 months old btw. The cutest part was that she only smiles when guys hold her. OMG! XD

what I ate. Well not really. I had 3 of em lamb. It's not much but enough to make me feel sick XD juicy lamb damns~

The fewd. LAMB! CHICKEN WINGS, SAUSAGES, SEAFOOD, FISH, FRIED MEE HOON, CURRY etc etc @_@ Waw~ I break fast at home already actually. And I stuffed myself with lamb. I mean I can eat lamb but not that much. But, since my mum was the one driving, I decided to eat more lamb! Big mistake, I got home with a headache. I was feeling slightly woozy that I had to head to bed as soon as I reached home. Too much lamb! But lamb was tasty! I mean seriously, gahhhh, it's almost perfect! Gahhh~~ When the fish was finally done, I was too full. I was there for roughly 3 hours. Gawd that place brings back memories. Yes, I stayed in Putatan for few years before *cough cough. I walked to school with the guys.

Oh yeah, my mum tried to tempt me with chocolate cake after the BBQ. NO THANK YEW. I'm uberly stuffed!

Ahhh finally I'm done with this, I'm heading back to sleep. I woke up way early. I mean way~~~ early. Sorry for the lack of update. Loads of photos kills~ And that BLOOD wutever shite application on facebook is so addictive @_@



  1. Me hate Ginger beer! Root beer or just plain old beer would do it! :-)

  2. i love ginger beer... by the way i'm tagging you for this post here . Join this challenge massy hehehe

  3. Dan: XD root beer uh sedap..but I still love ginger ale XD

    aj: wokeh banyak pending tag ni XD

  4. I love ginger beer though I haven't had it in a while ... hehehe ...

  5. I still wanna say this: I LOVE your dress!! :D

  6. nick: LOL ginger beer sedap bah

    cin: thanks, i love my dress too, but to wear it during hot weather is crazy @_@ macam winter dress bah ni

  7. bole aku tanya kenapa kau pose macam tu mas? heheheh

  8. It's been a long long long time since I hosted a BBQ, too much work, but it's always fun! :)

  9. I love bundaberg Rum. Hahaha.

  10. saiful: hahahaha it was a random act XD

    cc: *nods nods, bbq are fun!

    sunduvan: wooh~ waw~

  11. nice action laa massy...
    macam menahan mau yakyak

  12. Wah...go bbq wear so cantik one ah?

  13. i like ur baju in the first pic. so hippie! :D

  14. angriani: LOL hahahaha i was being random

    perry: no no, that is to my fren's wedding XD i went to bbq wear shirt bah

    syura: I know rite..I love it too XD