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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Fasting Month

Good morning!!!!

Oh yeah, I'm up and I'm feeling gewd. Ogie, I sound overly energetic. I don't know why. Everyone seems to be zombiefied around here. Anyways, first of all, I would like to say "Selamat Berpuasa" everyone!!!

2nd, Happy belated birthday to Penny, DaSaru and fallenone!

I'm not done uploading all the photos from Lolita & J-Fashion outing. Too many photos to resize @_@

Yes, I've decided to stay up. So here, I bring you, photos I took from Penny's birthday. The night of the 31st August 2008. And yes, I'm partially recovered that time.

DaSaru and Penny, both have the same birthdate XD

I arrived 10 mins late, so I missed out on the singing/blowing candles part. But, I manage to take shots of the cake and people who came.

chocolate indulgence from secret recipe


everyone else, who came

BakaNeko, what are you doing?

Thanks to BakaNeko for inviting.

They ordered the overly spicy chicken, I have no idea what it's called, didn't manage to take shots of that coz my hands were too oily, I mean I'm not touching my camera with those hands @_@ "It's finger licking gewd". But, I gotta say it somehow have those spices taste and it's uberly HOT!

There was suppose to be a boardgame session at bryan's place that night but we had to postpone it to another day. Which was the next day, also the 1st day of of fasting month. I went there around 1pm-ish. I dislike dogs barking at me!!! GG

We had a round of Runebound. It was a hot sunny weather. I was taking bryan's place for the character Red Scorpion. I died once. Talking about not being able to curse? Oh gawd, I have this habit of saying "wtf". It's all uncle's fault! He said it too often that I got this habit of saying it now OMG!*innocent look.

Oh but after that, I think the game gone smoothly for me. Except the part when panja did his spell and voodoo shite on me! XD Yeah like the time when we had this event where we shouldn't roll dices with 4 river symbols?! I had 5 river symbols. GG. I get 2 exhaust counters becoz of that. Yes, I'm blaming you XP nyahahahah.

But I had uber fun. I think this was my 4th time playing runebound and it's the first time I leveled 4 times? Wait, correction, it's the first time I level!!! OMG! And I manage to kill monsters from the blue card? I couldn't kill the dragons though T_T *sigh. I got too many damage to deal with from the earlier kill. I had 2 allies which is GG. The power of boobies! *cough cough. Ogie, the thing is, I had 3 female characters ahhahaha weird. Oh and talking about rolling the d10? Waw I must be lucky! I manage to escape from being cursed hehehe. WAW.

this was my last cards against that GG red card dragon hmph~

Anyways, I left around nearly 6pm to break fast. I planned to go back for Tannhauser boardgame but my mum gave me this little lecture about sleeping early and going to work. Guess I got to thank her now huh?

On another story, I've been neglecting my DS lately. I mean a lot T_T I'm sorry DS~

Anyways, hope everyone have a great day today. I know I am. I feel energetic! XD


  1. Selamat berpuasa, Massy!

    You know what I like about this month? The PASAR RAMADHAN!!!! *hee* Best lah! Can't wait to check out them today.. mau cari barang makan ni. LOL!

  2. cin: *hugs~ thankie, oh yes! the great fewd!!!! XD OMG! >.<"" must not think of fewd when I'm fasting. I'm thirsty! T_T

  3. Pasar Ramadhan... woohoo!

    Selamat manjalankan ibadah Puasa peeps!

  4. thanks kay~ omg...i think everyone looking forward to the fewds *stomach growls~

  5. Wah! I flushed the toilet and then saw your comment reply. You are like super fast!.

  6. Selamat berpuasa massy...pasar ramadhan di tawau ni ndak best

    i misss masakan mak...uwaaaaaaaaaaa

  7. kay: LOL...nahh juz so that it was the time I was checking XD

    angriani: thanks, u too *hugs.

  8. What??? Dasaru's bday? Why am I ketinggalan... if you reading this Dasaru.. HAPPY BELATED BDAY!!!!!

    Oh! Happy berpuasa massy!!!

  9. fara LOL.. XD yeah his b'day 31st aug XD selamat berposa fara *hugs X3

  10. Dropping by to wish you a Selamat berpuasa :D

    And just like everyone else, I absolutely love the Ramadhan goodies :D