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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Marsie!!!!

Remember how I was into Maple Story last time? It's coming back to me now. I installed it back to my home pc the day before around midnite (actually few unsuccessful attempt to install my bad), and played for 2 hours LOL which extended to 2am XD hehe. I'm not using my previous Ice/Lightning mage which is at level 58 but I've started with a new character which is currently level 14. I'm gonna create a Fire/Poison mage this time. No way I'm gonna play as Warrior/Bowman/Thief. Oh the horror of leveling.

Me, uncle and cube was a bit crazy changing nicks and immitating to people we changed our nicks to LOL. It was funny and FUN! XD

I've finally went to Eddie's the Corner for Chicken Chop *slurps~ I've stealed some lambs from my bro's share of mix grill *slurps~ Oh it's so tasty! XD

cakie cakie!!

Thanks to Fara for inviting us to Marsie's birthday at VedaBlu. I seriously thought I was late. When I reached there with my bro around before 7:30pm, we found Robin sitting alone hiding at the corner LOL.

I think it was around 8pm-ish that Marsie and the others came in and the lights were turned off. I think I was slightly blur to when I should shout "SURPRISE!!!" last nite LOL. Slow response from massy. We sang birthday song twice LOL. But before that, there was this old couple came in, they looked so blur that I find their facial expression is so funny. *chuckles.

Here's some photo I took that night. Too bad I had to leave early T_T Group photo nooooooooooo *cries.

marsie, did you forgot to make your wish ka? XD

This part I think somebody told her to stab the cake LOL, she's gonna do it but

She cut it instead XD

my slice of green tea ice cream cake *slurps~ *burps~

Dino got spoon fetish XP BWAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH XD *runs away~ Yes, take this opportunity to *cough cough lalala nvm~

this will do, as group photo XD

Oh, I got few shots of sotong hamsap! But I'm not gonna post it up XD I let them post it (if they want to) XD *rofl.

Last but not least,


Overall, my day is great! I skip mapuru today. IT'S AMAZING RACE ASIA 3 NITE!


  1. Green Tea cake???? *tremors*

  2. First time I've heard of green tea cake :D

    Anyways Happy Birthday to Marsie.

  3. Dan: yeap it's green tea ice cream cake XD *slurps~

    Nick: Hahhaha yeah I was shocked last nite XD

  4. Why you! Come back here! *chases massy* heh...

  5. wakakakkkakaaak XD

  6. I'm so envious! I Luuuurrrvvve green tea cake! You lucky gal!

  7. valtay: thanks yes, i love tea! XD