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Monday, September 15, 2008

When sleeping is a problem...

I had a blast at toyboy's wedding dinner last nite. Will blog about it later at work (hopefully I don't fall asleep). Congratulation toyboy!

Happy Birthday to dxtremex.

It's past 6am and I'm feeling sleepy. I haven't sleep yet. I know I should have, but I can't seem to. I keep on yawning but I'm going to work.

Don't force the brain to think when it's too tired to work. I'll continue this later. Till then...


  1. well,I heard blogging is a good way to stay awake ... LOL!

  2. nick: I think music is for me XD

  3. The "toyboy" remark sounds so wrong. LOL

  4. Dan: It's his nick XD

  5. I'm loving your dress! Is that baju kurung??

  6. happy holiday tomolo :D

  7. cindy: no, it's a dress, a thick one XD *rofl

    angriani: happy holiday to u too XD

  8. Ba Massy... bila kahwin?
    Haaha kidin;B

    Syok owh kan go to weddings... Free food and you get to see your friends wearing nice outfits:D

  9. Congrats to your friend Toyboy & wife!

    Wah, your dress and handbag matching oh. Nice :D

  10. Glad you had fun dearie. :)

    Arms: Don't you know that question is a complete no no to women?! Hehehe

  11. Designer cloth ni kau pakai.....

  12. Massy, lately when enter the world of blogging, sleep has become lesser. hmmm..

  13. arms: XD kuyak~ tunggu dan lihat LOL

    nessa: thanks, I love that dress, though I can't find myself wear it as a dress by itself XD

    rozie: *hugs

    kay: aduh~ nolah, it's just one of those dresses I came across and left lying in my cupboard XD

    gina: true, so very true XD