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Monday, March 08, 2010

My Sunday

*  I think I should shower first.

I went to Just Wargame today for my first (I think it's first?) lesson to paint minis.

I get to paint an Ork.  Forgot to take photo of each step.  I guess I was a bit paranoid caused scared wrongly paint it.  Maybe I should warm up before I paint?  But I guess it takes practice and it wasn't really that hard.  But it took me few hours just to finish one.  Hehe.  *sweat.  I did some undercoating, basecoating and highlighting with dry-brushing.

I think the easiest part is undercoating it.  Paint it all black XD

And through all those above mentioned process, this is how it looked like.

Not finish yet.  Sorry, I think I was overthinking (as usual).  Till the next lesson.

*shower break

Panja was working on these while teaching me XP

More to paint.


My "station".


More photos, here.

It was an interesting experience.  I promise I'll be less scared to paint next time :)   Thanks to Oliver and Panja for teaching me to paint minis.

*cough cough.  I wanna learn making terrains for my nendos *cough.

Was there till before 6pm.  I think.  Went yamchar with the guys.  Went to 1 Borneo to meet up with my bro and some friends.  Had dinner.


Walk around.  Clay had Chicken and Cheese Hot Roll.



A bit too late for karaoke T_T 
Went home around 10pm.  And I'm done with my post.

Oh, I somehow find this very funny.  The other day, as I was returning to my room from my brother's room, I tripped over his laundry basket.  And got myself a "present".  I'd also knock my knee to the table on the same day #_#.  I better not count how many bruises I get from that or I'll get more.  #_#  won't post photos of my bruised leg coz leg look ugly.

Oh!  I bought a neat container from Daiso for my nendo.  Can fit 1 nendo and few nendo face only.


There's also a container for 3R photos / postcard. Can fill up to 100pcs in 1 container. I'm so tempted to get it. Impulse buying but, I got this to worry about.

So maybe I'll just leave it that way?


  1. Next time, I'll have you paint the boots black, with gray highlighting.

    And that cheese thing looks tempting...

  2. @Panja: Yes bos! ;) OH Hot roll is nice! Lets go eat next time ;)

  3. All that painting of your figures reminds me of my childhood days when I would paint little toy soldiers :D

  4. @Nick: wah, you still have em toy soldiers? XD Oh man I somehow could imagine XD

  5. I keep telling myself I'll take up Warhammer when I retire as it takes way too much time and money as a hobby, but I wonder if I ever will. I should check out the new store in KK someday.

  6. @wankongyew: XD go check it out. It's never too late or having too lil time to have lotsa hobbies at 1 time ;) If can, do everything, or maybe have a schedule and juggle it every now and then.