Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Greeno Dinner + Talk

Today went to Windbell Seafood Restaurant at Tg. Aru for dinner and health talk.

Wuah this place had a "face lift".  Very nice upgrade.  We used to come here for steamboat.

This place is air conditioned (it's very cold that we had to tell them to turn one off) and got wifi.

Some information about Greeno products.

Dinner by 8pm.


Very good service.  Thick chinese tea is thick.

Absolutely delicious.  Would wanna go there again soon.

After dinner, health talk by the doctor, some marketing talk and testimonial by my dad.


Lotsa slides of cancer and things a person shouldn't eat.  Interesting.  Some people were grossed by it.

Some things that I have to bare in mind.

Telur puyuh = 8 chicken egg.  OTL.  High cholesterol.

3 parts of chicken that you shouldn't eat:  Chicken skin, bishop nose and the neck.

5 types of vegetables must avoid: Long beans/peanuts, tomatoes, spinach, cauliflower and er oh shite I can't remember what's the other one.

After all that, we have lucky draw.  Me, my bro and mum got a mini golden glam set.  Gewddie.

More info. about Greeno products, here.


  1. wwooh! =0 health talk leh. this kempen very nice

  2. @Sylvia: Yeap yeap, and the photos of cancers are eye opening.

  3. hello mas?? is it u mastura hj light? how can i contact u my dearest penpal??
    safina diana (

  4. hah? 1 quail egg = 8 chick eggs? seriously? atau saja2 they all tell this so that ppl stop hunting for quail egg. LOL!

    i love long beans and chicken skin. adeiiii....

  5. @safina: yes!

    @chegu: yeap, tu doctor yang said so. And I love to eat quail egg fuuuuuuu, I had em the other day. I love long beans cook with egg oh. He showed some example of how u could get blood clot and etc.

  6. Yes 1 quail egg IS equal to the cholesterol of 8 chicken eggs. I've heard this many many times before...

    Oh shi~...I can do without long beans, spinach & cauliflower but I LOVE peanuts & tomatoes (well tomato ketchup anyway) >.<

  7. @Nex: I love quail egg mang, cook with sambal nyum~ *berliur. I love peanuts! But I can't eat too much of it *sad oh.