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[Marathon] Sundown Marathon Singapore 2014 (Part 1)

I think I better start somewhere before I procrastinate.  Blog it when it's fresh (in this case not so fresh cause I'm still down with the combo sickness and on meds, so I'm quite distracted.  Gonna try to go with it as I type).

Photos are taken with Sony Xperia Z2 (I'll slot in some reviews about the phone).  I brought along my point and shoot camera but did not use it at all! RAWR! Some are from Rizwan and Pammie (Iphone users).

Day 1 - Arriving Singapore!

I had an early brunch, flight at 2pm but I was hungry.  So I had custard smiley donuts from Dunkin Donuts!  2 of it!  Initially I wanted just 1 but you're not allowed to buy just 1, so got 2 and ate both dammit.

Ain't this just the cutest, brighten up your day!

Flew in to Singapore with Pammie on Thursday the 29th last month, 2 hours 25 minutes, I initially wanted to go to the loo but when I was about to, it's already boarding time, at least I can hold my bladder pretty well.  Arrived before 5pm, ahead of schedule (*surprised! so fast), but was delayed cause too crowded at immigration.  I can't remember when was the last time I was there.  Probably 8-10 years?  HOMG! 

Took some photos at Changi Airport, oh so touristy!

Neways, my cousin had planned to bring me for a run with New Balance runners group at Scape (linked me with the 7km map the day before), picked me up at the airport and drop us off at our hostel. 

Our beds for 4 nights.  Bunk beds, thank god Pammie said she'll take the top bunk.  *cringe for the idea of top bunk.  I'd actually settle for a place with comfort and swimming pool if possible.  Ehehe~

We checked-in and changed to our running attire, took the MRT to Scape at Orchard (I think).  But getting there during peak hours is seriously not funny.  My cousin had loan me the Ez-Link card and Singapore number for unlimited data access yay~ (*heavy data user, guilty as charge).  After 6:30pm seems to be peak hours,  so crowded, "sardine train!"  It took us like 3 attempts to finally get into the train!  I think my cousin was pulling Pammie in cause she nearly couldn't get in.  Forever embedded in my brain.  Totally epic, no room to even turn your body, I'm literally at / facing the door.  Thank god it was only 1 stop!  Arrived at New Balance shop at Scape at past 7pm.  Met some Singapore runners and ran with my cousin.  Most already started.  Ran through the park passing shops/cafe/bistro/pubs and back for 7km. 

At the 3.5km turn, spotted this G-MAX Reverse Bungy, more info, here.  OMG want!  So, I thought I'd do that after the race.  It was fun, easy and breezy.  Back at Scape, cooldown stretching lead by Alex.  And cold 100 plus drink yay~  I got to know some of the runners, there were also runner from Sabah.  But I didn't get to meet her,

Group photo at the shop.  Newly renovated!

Went for dinner, late dinner. 

Went back to the hostel, dropped by 7 eleven to grab the prepaid data plan card for Pammie, saw Snickers Peanut Butter selling for $2.90 not 1 but 2!  Tapau!  I actually bought 4 initially and added another 10 to share.  Taste like Reese oh so tasty! 

It rained heavily, we didn't wanna wet our running shoes, so waited a bit, besides, it's within walking distance.  When it started to drizzle, we walked back.  Cousin left after I handed him the box, thank god his house is not that far.  I hope it's not.  It was so late already when he left, I think we only had our shower at around 1am and slept at 2am?  

Day 2 - Universal Studios Singapore (USS)!

Advisable to pre-purchase your USS tickets via the website, here.  The day pass is at $75 (more or less), I got 15% off paying via mastercard hee~ profit!  Save all the hassle lining up on the day itself.  I was looking forward to ride TRANSFORMERS The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle and Battlestar Galactica but Battlestar Galactica is not available due to maintenance, *cries.

Oh god! I was so looking forward to this!  

Since breakfast is included, we decided to check it out.  Breakfast is served at the cafe starting at 7:30am - 10:30am.  Bread and spread, simple but just to fill us up it's good enough.

Good no?  I'd settle for 2 piece of bread and tea for breakfast.  That could get me to noon I think.  Supposely to meet up with Rizwan around 10:30am to 11am but we were late.  In the end, we proceed to meet him at USS around noon.  They (Pammie and Rizwan) planned to collect their race pack but collection is only available at the office somewhere in Geylang? We would have to travel to Aljunied MRT which will take us 30 minutes.  So instead of doing that, we decided to straight away go to USS.  I think if we proceeded with the plan for collection, we might only reach at USS after 1pm.  Does not want that.

We got to Harbour Front MRT to reach Vivocity.  Got to Level 3 for Sentosa Express.  We went around a bit and saw got Nalcom Family Day.  Wanted to check it out but if we do, we'll miss out on Transformer ride.  Tried to snap a panorama but it was so hot that my Z2 decided to overheat.  So I only can do snaps only.  *sigh.  I tried few times but I failed.  I'm starting to get a bit disappointed with this phone.

Went to grab ticket for Sentosa Express to get to Sentosa Island which is $4.  You could actually use your Ez-link card for this.  We just found out after we got the ticket.  Lol us. 

It only take few minutes to get there.  Arrived probably around slightly before noon, decided to wait for Rizwan and family at the entrance to find out that they went in before us while we were busy snapping photos outside like crazy tourist.

Crowded much?

Check out souvenir shops, snaps with mascots, nouuuuuuuuuuuuu despicable me! twice miss!  But we manage to take photos with these.

Mind you, you'd have to queue and the line is long!  But we were somewhat lucky.  It was a fast snap.  

Some of my looney touristy look.

Our first ride was the TRANSFORMERS The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle.  It took us 30 minutes to get on the ride.

Get ready to experience this hyper-realistic 3D thrill ride, right in the middle of all the action in the incredible world of TRANSFORMERS. The fate of humanity hangs in the balance as villainous DECEPTICONS invade NEST Headquarters to steal the ALLSPARK. And you’ve been volunteered to take it to safety and save our planet! Race through the city, zipping through subway tunnels, down city streets and across high-rise rooftops, hanging on for dear life. Join OPTIMUS PRIME and the AUTOBOTS as you become a freedom fighter in the ultimate 3D battle against the forces of evil.

  • Height Restrictions: Guests must be 102cm in height to ride. Children 102cm to 122cm must be accompanied by a supervising companion.
  • Guest prone to motion sickness, dizziness or giddiness should not ride.

Each of the ride can fill 12 people at one time.  Imagine how many people who wanted to go on this ride?  But before you could actually get there.  You'll have to go through ending loop of queue.  At least there's something to see along the way.

This is the line behind us.  Like way behind.

And you get to see all these.  Don't forget your 3D glasses.  This ride is so totally worth it!  Up close with water/heat/wind effect.  AWESOME!  I would wanna go again if it's not because of that long queue.

Met Rizwan and family with Josie for lunch at the Human Refueling Centre.  I had Salmon combo set.  Salmon again Massy?

Free ice cream!

After lunch, went to check out the other rides.

Meanwhile, I'm gonna take a moment to enjoy this view.

Next time Battlestar Galactica, I'll be back~

Manage to go for Far Far Away for that 4D experience too.  But it wasn't as thrilling as Transformer.  At least we had fun!  And it's tiring!  I had a good workout for sure.

I would wanna go USS again! I regretted not buying certain items.  It's okay.  There's always next time unless they run out of it I'll strangle myself.

We left at around nearly 5pm cause it started to pour!  Crazy rain!

Went back to the hostel, went to Tekka Market (across the road) for dinner.  Dinner was refreshing!  And you guessed it!  I had Salmon! hehe~

Oh my tired legs.  Slept soundly.

- to be continued -

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