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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Shite? SHITE SHITE SHITE SHITE SHITE SHITE SHITE SHITE SHITE!!!!!! ARGH!!!!! So frustrating!!! >_<" huh~! It took me nearly 2 hours to finish a banner design for |ASHES|'s blog. Guess what happened? Huh~~!!! Electricity got cut off!!!! Shiteness!!!! Huh~! Ok I give up! I'll gonna do it tomorrow! huh~! So pissed. Stewped SESB!!!!! *breathe~!


  1. uinah! dats sooo fustrating!

  2. Typical SESB. Thats why I suggest... use the same theory as emergency lights, when current stops, lights go on... apply the theory to some collars, put it around the necks of the ppl in SESB... when power dies, so do they!

  3. hahahhahahaha
    u wish u could do that dun u lil wummie? and amy, yeah!!! damn frustrated!

  4. Too right I do! the other day my assignment all gone... and several times in the middle of chatting or e-mailing also kena.

  5. yealor kill them!! mwahhaha *grins~