Saturday, March 25, 2006

Saturday is always a waste of time. Nobody wants to come. I decided to come coz I dun wanna waste my annual leave. I still got maybe 27 days for the whole year. Seem so little. There's only 5 of us here. I haven't finish cleaning acing's comic yet. A bit lazy.

I was helping mum to email some ppl yesterday. And becoz of my itchy fingers, I was peeling my skin every now and then. Oo and guess wut? It's all reddish last nite coz I peel too much of it. Ouchie~ I can't help but being annoyed OK!?!

Makcik gave me some kuih "penjaram" today. A mix with peanut. I wonder if it taste gewd. Hmmm..beside that, I was helping mum to print her name to her cert. Hmm it's not that hard to adjust it but er I think I print it a bit "senget".


  1. Tulah, ur mom said dun peel but still u peel.

  2. I can't stand it bah tulah pg peel tu~ hehehehe

  3. Can't stand it, now have to stand this lah.

  4. more peeling for me *phew~