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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Everyone must be wondering where I was. I haven't been online for quite some time. I can say a week? It all started last Wednesday (15th March 2006), if I could remember this correctly. I was having problem with the line at work. I've checked everything. The telephone line, the streamyx connection and even the modem. I couldn't seem to find the problem. Been calling few ppl to come and help me check and finally today when I on my computer, the line is ok. Ok, I have to bare that in mind that when my connection got problem, I must call Telekom direct!!!!

I had my brothers DVD for quite some time now. So then, since I couldn't online for a week at work, I brought those DVDs to work and watch em. So, for yesterday (whole day), I was watching "Naruto" Episode 1 till er 17 I think. It was fun!!! I was laffing so hard alone with my earphone.


  1. Its till episode 160++ now... my ex made we watch the first 40 with her, then lent me the dvds to watch... must remember to return to her next time i go s'jung.

  2. I still got a long way to go huhuhu

  3. lol. want spoilers?

  4. wah.. so nice at office can watch somemore! :D

  5. noooooo dun spoil it! er...less work so can watch hehehe >_<" guilty~!