Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Weekend

I don't know how many times I have these kinda title. *rofl.

I'm getting sick of my blog layout. I want to reorganize it but I'm too lazy.

I'm also torn between to blog about my weekend or not. But I guess I better.

Oh yeah, so before I start with this whole weekend story. There's a new place to check out around Jalan Pantai here in Kota Kinabalu. I haven't been there but I can't wait to talk about it.

The place I'm talking about is Bus Stop Pizza!!! (please don't ask me why they name it that way).

Where is it?

Here's a map.

There's 8 different flavors and they have spaghetti with "BIG" meatballs. I don't know. My friend said so. I wanna check it out next week. Don't worry. I'll take photos. I promise. OH yeah and it's RM6.

Oh, this place ain't that big. Only can fit 13 people (explaining based on people's post *rofl).

Other info/discussion about this place, refer here.

Ogie. Now I can start with my weekend.

On Saturday, I went to kids (3 in 1 to be exact) birthday party. Erm, my sis's ex-classmate's daughter's birthday and her cousins.

Kids performance was cute. Especially Rayyan. He sure can dance. Should see when he sing. Damn cute!

Buffet dinner.

I'm stuffed.

Oh yeah, not much photo sorry.

End of Saturday.

As for Sunday, I went to attend my boss's son's wedding at Kawang. I know it's far, but not that far @_@.

I got lost along the way. Imagine this. I was out from the house around 11:45am. I reach there near to 1:30pm. Yes, I got lost along the way. Lets just say that instead of going straight which is like a shortcut, I end up going a full big round.

At least we made it! Yay.

Surprising enough that the bride and groom's house is not far apart. It's like few blocks away. Maybe like 3-5 houses away? We walk to the bride's place, 5 minutes to be exact. The weather is crazy though. Everyone was sweating. My friend's make up also melted *rofl. Their theme? PINK! OMG! *my eyes! it bleeds~ Ogie sorry, exaggerating a bit hehe.

Glad I went though. I think the bride is pretty. Mum thought she look like one of those local celebrities. *giggles.

Here's some photos my sis, Tina took. Erm, sorry, I don't mingle well enuff. LOL.

the photographer aerial view ka?

upon arrival, the groom had to circle around the compound few times. not sure why though XD

the bride and groom. the bride very photogenic oh

cake cutting

So yeah, that's pretty much it. Went home when it's all done. On the way back, bought some sugarcane drink at the road side. We're talking about PURE sugarcane drink ogie. No sugar added. Damn! Stop by Putatan to get Mediterranean pizza for dinner. Yes, there's a Pizza Hut branch at Putatan near Servey Hypermart.

It started pouring after we got our pizzas. I love rain but I hate it when it rains when I'm driving. LOL I can't see shite!

At home, we have


OMG! Fewd @_@""" I'm stuffed.

To conclude the weekend. I'M FRIGGING STUFFED @_@"""

Unagi sushi *drooling~


  1. I ish want that spaghetti with extra tomato sauce...........

  2. that kitty container is a cutey.... :)n the pizza yummysss....gotta go there n cubakinamtry...wekekekeee.....

  3. amy c: I know rite? the kitty container, the fewd inside also nice, but I didn't eat all of it la, too stuffed XD

  4. Uu'iiihh! salute la the photographer yg amik aerial view tuh, kalu he tambah use tangga kali lagi cun shot dia! panas2 lagi that!

  5. eshark: he didn't use tangga, entah macam dia panjat tu, but I know how he get down LOL

  6. Bus stop Pizza, I think that's a cool name. To make it even better, they should actually sell it out of a bus stop ... hehehe!

  7. Nick: LOL! but u know what, that place only fits 13 ppl, so I guess it qualify to be called a bus stop also la XD

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  9. I love snackfood: lemme check it out first XD

  10. Oooh!! Pink kaler!! :O

  11. @_@ Nessa likes pink?

  12. Errr... only on babies, not on me! Haha

  13. Nessa: YAH! true dat