Thursday, June 24, 2010


Oh gawd, I didn't blog for more than 2 weeks.  Anyways, it's been a boring month for me.  All I did was erm, lemme see, I finish playing Picross 3D for DS which took me er a week or less.  Been catching up with Grey's Anatomy, I finish season 5 and at season 6 now. 

I've also been spending a lot lately.  I think I overspent on figurines and clothes.  I wish I could stay away from figurine sites but I check it everyday and blog about it lol. 

Can't wait till next month.  Hopefully I can cut down on spending and get my hair cut.  OH yeah, talking about haircut, my hair is past shoulder now and it's been getting on my nerves for weeks or maybe months.  Actually I found a haircut that I like over the net but saw a friend got that particular haircut that I cancel my plans for that haircut darn it.  Have to start browsing for new styles.

I've also lost 6kg in the past 2 month.  I think.  Which is a gewd achievement for me, not at my ideal weight yet but some ppl said I should just maintain this weight hekeh~ Hmm, needs to flatten my tummy.  I'm starting to cough, damn colleague sit next to my cubicle been spreading germs =_=

So yeah, that's about it.  $_$ I want my salary! *thoughts wander for more stuff.  Oh, my b'day is in August *uhuk~ *wishlist! kidding! I want a lappy!                                                    


  1. Aiyoh Mas, I oso malas to blog nowadays.... I dunno why I'm not dat enthusiastic anymore... :'(

    Yay!! Congrats for losing 6kg! I think I've lost around that amount too but I never weighed myself... cukup see the baju inda ketat suda... LOL!

  2. @Nessa: omg, must be June thing? Yay for losing weight. Oh gawd, next month I got a marathon, need to keep fit, I slowed down a lot. Macam semput lately.

  3. Likewise, I think it's the World Cup season perhaps :-)

  4. I'm SOOOO envying you! I want to lose 15kg ni.. but dunno how. Hahahah! Perhaps today I'll jog home, in my working suit! LOL

    Aku pun jarang sudah bah blogging these days. Makin malas ni..

    Hey, I'm planning to balik Sabah for good sudah baini - but dunno when la. Very soon, I hope. Nanti bila I pindah sana sudah, kita jogging sama-sama ya? So whatever you do.. DON'T STOP JOGGING sampai aku pindah KK. LOL!!!

  5. Hello,
    Ba,rajin2 update blog kio..salam kenal.

  6. Massssss.. kasi post gambar cubicle mu! I wanna see! Heheheheh (I like bah tinguk gambar cubicle orang) :D :D

  7. @Cin: bah nanti aku amik gambar cubicle hodohku. Yes! bulih bah, u come back kk kita jog sama sama. I dun mind ;) the more the merrier. I owez jog alone, boring jua sometimes.

    @donny: hi hi ;) thanks for visiting.