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Monday, January 31, 2011

Gawddamn necklace cut me

I've changed it.  The silver necklace I wore before is evil! This is the 2nd time.  *sigh.  *puts medicine to make it disappear.  Maybe I should remove it entirely?  Argh!  Funny thing is, I don't feel a thing when I got these, I only feel it when I come back from my long runs for shower.  Urgh.

WTH man, seriously WTH. 


  1. woah! a killer necklace!!! burn it faiyah!!!! kill it before it kills you....eheh~

  2. ohhh these kinds of necklaces usually what they call the 'makan kulit' type. I think it's not because it is silver, it's the design. Better change to another design la~~

  3. i have not used necklace for such a long time because of this la...every morning mesti ada skin yg kena cut or peeled by the chain. have to change to a better design chain maybe that Massy....

  4. I think u shud remove all jewelry b4 u run. I don wear any and yet i get chaffings from my sports bra! Turns out dat it was kinda loose. Mo kana bili yg katat punya... aiyah! But those sports bra ain't cheap la :'(

  5. @AmyC: Yabah, heran se, biasa se run inda pulak cut, only my 2 weekend punya long run starting to cut.

    @Donna: Not this one, I changed it already. It's my previous necklace, maybe terhakis? @_@

    @chegu: I'm gonna try not to wear necklace when I sleep or running. Kepala batu bah ni. Coz I got used to wearing em.

    @Nessa: Yeah, I'll try not to wear em. Though I need more running shorts and shirts. Damn expensive la these gewd stuff, so sad oh.

  6. ui jahat oh tu necklace. better get rid of them :O

  7. @cicak: sudah se remove.

    @cathJ: my skin T_T

  8. Ahhh Chaffing, the bane of all runners :D Try to run with the least things strapped to you but if you have to, make sure they're well secured :D

  9. @nick: noted. I still have bangles hahahaha, fren told me to remove everything lmao.