Sunday, June 26, 2011

Luk Luk Queen Outing

This year didn't join SCKLM.  Hopefully next year can join. 

Anyways, yesterday, mum showed me a big packet of two (2) packets of Indo Mee that she just bought that I had to cook Indo Mee Goreng for myself for lunch.  *kempunan.  I wish I could eat 2 packets but I do not wanna stuff myself too much since am gonna go for Luk Luk at Lido.

No event page, neh~ this somebody don't wanna do event page.  Anyways, I went to get Transformer 3D tickets for 10 peeps around noon.  Lucky still have 1 row of seats and an okay seats.  I'd prefer somewhere in the middle but 3rd row from behind is still okay.  At least it's not like "in your face" kind of seats. 

Back to Luk Luk.  Left home around 7pm and reach there slightly before 7:30pm.  Gawd, what's with the weather lately.  IT'S SO FRIGGING HOT!

Luk Luk just about to open at 7:30pm.  I'm hungry!  Oh I just realize this is called "Luk Luk Queen" while the one at Tanamera Lintas is called "Luk Luk Prince".  So where is "Luk Luk King"?

Ice Lemon Tea RM2.  Ahhh, cold drink for hot weather.

This is dinner.  RM8 for the 5 green sticks I've chosen from.

I took too much belacan.  But it's so sedap.

RM19 Pari Bakar.  Damn so sedap.  I love the belacan coz it taste sweet.  And I thought, this is just nice.  Stuffed till can't eat anymore.

I am so full.  Left at around wait was it 10pm or 11pm.  OMG I can't remember.  I thought I could like wake up for morning jog but I didn't hear my alarm LOL!  Hmm now should I run in the evening or just cycle at home hmm. 


  1. The lul-luk over at my place is called Fatman steamboat and the fellow selling is really fat la ... LOL!