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Sunday, April 08, 2012

The Sunday running encounter

Scheduled 22.53km run today.  I've improved.  So happy.  But before we get to that, lets rollback for a bit.

The night before, I slept at 10pm.  After watching episode 2 of the tv series Touch.  This series is nice, it's that dood from 24, right?  I don't really like him but somehow this one is good.  Woke up at 11pm twice because of nightmare.  Trying to recall if I watched any weird horror movies lately.  Somehow, it was a creepy weird dream.  It's like I was going to a public toilet and the shower in one were on and next thing you know somebody is choking me.  Dafuq.  I can't brain this.  I couldn't sleep after that.  My alarm was set at 2am.  So for 2 hours I was looking at the ceiling.  Sad case of being scared.  My sis went to Kundasang with her friend.  I would have gone if I don't have scheduled run today.

Finally get off from the bed around 2:05am, you know that feeling when you get extremely hungry that you feel empty inside?  That was my morning feeling.  So, I thought maybe my final medicine for the rib pain made me hungry.  Hey, I had dinner the night before and that doesn't seem to cover the whole emptiness.  Showered, ate 3 bananas and drink water.  Feel slightly better.  Did some browsing till 3:20am.  Stomach ache, went to the toilet twice.  Oh lord.

Left home at 3:45am, meet up with Daniel, but before that, went to the toilet again.  ARGH!  WTH!

Then I thought, screw this shit, I'm just gonna run and complete it.  I've separated the 2km warm up from the actual mile to cover so I could at least maintain my pace cause it only shows your average pace, if include the 2km, my garmin will keep beeping like crazy from beginning till the end.  I wasn't sure how far I should be going and when I should turn but then decide I'll turn once I reach my final 10km countdown.  But reaching 11km countdown seems just about right.  Tripped on a rock at km 12.  FML.  I nearly fell but manage to keep my balance and kept going.  Doesn't seem to have any problem.

In my head, okay, final 10km.  I can do this!  Yeah I maange to push through till I started getting a little bit hungry at the final 7km or was it 8km.  And I started walking a bit but run again once the twitch is gone.  Pass the Yayasan Sabah bridge, a stranger stop and waited for me and ask if he could join me run.  I just went pass him cause he gave me this weird creepy vibe.  There were other runners around but at the opposite road.  So I thought okay, I'm just gonna finish this at below 7 mins pace.  Run walk run walk all the way.  At my final 4km, I hear somebody behind me.  Then when I stopped for a walk, the same fellow was walking and talking to me. Ask if he could be my friend.  I said no and tried to catch my breath.  I think I said no to most of his questions and finally said "Okay, I'm gonna finish up my run now, bye". And sped all the way back.  Who cares if I was tired, that was creepy.  FML.

At least he wasn't chasing me.

My final 2km, tripped and sprained the right ankle again when trying to cross the road.  I think a bunch of people in cars saw me nearing to fall down.  Just keep going!  At least, I completed my 20.53km at 6:59 mins pace.  Hope I won't encounter the same fellow next week ARGH.  Creepy shit.  I need bodyguards from now on.

Gonna ice my right ankle later and hot pack for the left rib lol.  Not fully healed, but it's getting better.


  1. That guy was De.. wait for it.. nied, Denied! :D

    1. *rofl. Denied for being creepy sorry.

  2. Yes, creepy strangers are scary which is why I'm always worried when the wife runs on her own. Hope the ankle gets better soon.

    1. I don't know how else to run in the morning. Maybe I should find somebody to pace with me all the way.

  3. Three bananas would make you go to toilet a lot, right?

    I just need to eat one banana to have a toilet visit! LOL

    Great run you had there.

    But that guy is creepy. I hope you won't encounter him again otherwise if you see him following you again in future runs, sure stalker! @.@

    Hope ankle & ribs get better soon. Take care!

    1. Lina thanks. No oh, I think I had 3 banana cause I was so hungry it's not even funny. But no, it's not the reason for the toilet visit I think. Maybe the day before punya tu. But then again, I'm not too sure either.

      And yeah, I hope I won't encounter creepy peeps again. I think this is my 2nd encounter. My previous encounter was last year. That's the worst one ever.

  4. Haha macam sengsara juga ko punya run ni... specially the tripping part. ouch! anyway, hati2lah ketika berlari... bawa tu pepper spray if have to... that guy sure is creepy atau ko mimang lawa bah... sebab tu susah juga kalau nda say hi to you kalau sudah tnampak xD

    1. Sebab ini training ada target. If no target, not this sengsara. Yeah, I think I should bring pepper spray from now on. Good god. I don't forget a face but pandai blur, sure not sure tu kadang-kadang lol.