Monday, March 05, 2018

[Cafe] Hello Stranger Cafe, The Walk Riverson

If you're looking for a place to chill, have a cup of coffee, maybe catch up with your friends or have some alone time to read a book, here's a place you might want to consider.  Hello Stranger Cafe, located at Ground level at The Walk Riverson, in the heart of Kota Kinabalu city.  Now, I've been asked on many occasions where The Walk Riverson is located, and I spare myself the explanation by saying it is near Imago (people just do not know where KK Times Square or Glenegles is located 😅). 

Outdoor seating but it can get a weebit hot at times.

This cafe was officially open early this year and serves asian fusion food which has a range of Vietnamese, Japanese and Western inspired cuisine .  They also have a selection of coffee, cakes and juices. 

Operating hours:
Monday to Friday - 8:30am to 6pm
Saturday and Sunday - 11am to 6pm

A rustic cozy feel, love the interior.

Place your order here.

Also, good news for those who wanted to enjoy breakfast menu any time of the day.  That means, you can enjoy your egg & toast, big breakfast and eggs benedict any time yay.  They also have avocado sandwich.  Price range for food RM8 to RM18.90, while for drinks it's RM3 to RM14.  Cakes are at RM12 per slice. 

Lets get on with the food.

The first time I visited, I had the smoked salmon eggs benedict and the caffe mocha.  Just liket his one.

Today's special menu: Butter Chicken Linguine RM 15.90, eat it while it's hot.  Yummy!

They also have a selection of rice.  Some of the ones that I tried.  Also available are lemongrass grilled beef or chicken, teriyaki chicken and yakitori don.


Or maybe you prefer something lighter?

They also serve Lemongrass Grilled Beef or Tofu Banh Mi and Teriyaki Beef or Chicken.

Sandwich choices:  Chicken Ham & Cheese, Avocado & Cheese, Avocado & Egg, Avocado Salsa, Tuna and Egg Mayo.

Not forgetting desserts and coffee.

Everything was flavorful and I enjoyed every bits of it.

More info, visit their social media as follows:

Instagram: hellostranger_cafe
Facebook: Hello Stranger Cafe


  1. I love those cafes with variety of food, instead of just serving cakes and desserts. I went here twice, two days continuously and I love to return again. But going on weekday, my wallet hurts if parking in Riverson. Hahaha...

    1. Ikr, it felt really cozy and food is great 🤗

  2. Yeashhh! I know oredy where hahaha

    Whenever I want to go Cafe’ hunting, I’ll always look at your IG hahaha

    1. Awww thanks. I try, sharing is caring 😘

  3. So much food!!! I like the name of the cafe and the font they are using... their interior looks comfy and modern too :)

    1. Yes, very nice owner. Kannn, I like how cozy the place looks and feel. Even the drawings for the windows and menu board is done by a local artist ❤
      Food was great 🤗

  4. Hi Massy
    Nice cafe I say with great foods. Thank you so much for sharing. Useful indeed for foodies.

    1. Yeah, and can connect to unifi wifi there, just need to install the app. 🤗 Convenient for nearby office workers too. And they open early, which is a plus. Just in case I need coffee in the morning 🙈

  5. so much funn munching on these yumss! i'll be going back there too!
    hahaha we should do these little gatherings more often!

    loads of love,
    wan @