Tuesday, March 13, 2018

TAMAHA Food Race 2018

A very good morning evening!  Lemme just get myself caffeinated before I proceed with this post (probably gonna be long) of how my last weekend went.  It's pretty obvious from my current banner updates last Saturday (so orangie now).  Sorry 'bout the massive update, being the designated INTAMAHA (I'm impressed with my updates coz it looked pretteh on my feed) for the mentioned race requires me to check in at every location.

This building will be 100 years old on 16th March 2018

My very first food race with 3 of my friends (2 which I come to know from Sabah Tourism - SabahChats gathering since last year).

Ahang, Evan, me and Gotoh

Like I mentioned in my previous post (Sabah Tourism Building turning 100!!!), this race is in conjuction with the Sabah Tourism 100th Year Celebration.

Parking coupons all set, miscalculated heh
Race day!  Why did I woke up at 5am is beyond me.  I estimated my time of arrival but I arrived before 7am.  Waited in the car and prepared my DBKK parking tickets for 8am to 1pm (extra one aiya my 55 cent!).

Geng peria spotted
Registration starts at 7:30am. 

We were given UBER code for our rides and GET-OUT-OF-TAMAHA free card (in other words, talian hayat).  

Mingling time.  Runner, foodie, social media influencer friends woot!
Everyone was surprisingly on time (no Sabah time), after briefing and flag off before 9am lol.

At the starting line with my peeps
Clues were given via Sabah Tourism Twitter page.

Challenge 1, to be completed by ALL team members.

Finish your first breakfast snack before you can receive your first clue!

Full of iced gem biscuits lol, childhood memory trauma this.
It looked easy for some of you guys, but the reality is, stuffing all these iced gem biscuits without water is a bad idea.  All you can taste is sweet, dry, super sweet and dry biscuits.  Some of the other teams completed before us, ARE YOU GUYS HUMAN?  Thank god for bottled water. 

Once we completed this task, got our next clue and proceeded to the next location, on foot.  Why are we running?

Note: Beware of incoming traffic, opps.

Clue: "Head on over to the GRAND-is of them all!"- yes, we had to figure out our next location. 
Next location was at Hotel Grandis near Suria Sabah, went to the first floor via stairs.

Challenge 2, to be completed by ALL members is to finish a plate of aglio olio.

Ko pikir cincai? guna tangan yo.  Apaitu ayu?
BEAST MODE oh this Captain.

My thought: OMG! Why so much pepper.

The funniest thing we did, bring plate to the marshal for next clue.  We're honest people.

Got our next clue and proceeded to the next location by UBER, must take UBER or you get penalize.  Here's the part where you see everyone waiting at the same location for their UBER driver.  To Horizon Hotel.  Some teams might get thrown off by the clue and thought it might be Sky Hotel.

Our sight: A line of people eating Chee Cheong Fun using chopsticks.

Challenge 3, to be completed by ALL members to finish a plate of Chee Cheong Fun using chopsticks heh.

You can choose to either complete this challenge or use your Get-Out-of-Tamaha-Free-Card and face a time penalty of 20 minutes.  NO thank you!  We'll finish this.

This could taste nicer if we eat it slowly.  I never wanna eat Chee Cheong Fun anymore at this point.  While waiting to get our next clue, 1 of our teammate vomited.  I thought of taking a photo but I might be vomiting next to him if I keep looking.

Clue: A molten, fluid rock that issues from a volcano or volcanic vent. UBER TO 88 Market and search for something HOT!
To our next location via UBER.

Location was at KK Lava Burger Bakar at Marketplace 88.

Challenge 4, to be completed by UBER NAVIGATOR and I JUST WANNA EAT, to complete 3 piece of fried chicken wings and a burger in 2:30 minutes.  Fail to complete this challenge within the time limit will result in a time penalty of 5 minutes.  

Phew, just in time to complete this challenge for our next clue.

Clue: UBER to a huge CC in Penampang and search for a "Kampung" restaurant. 

Took us awhile to decipher the next clue, was thrown off by the words, I think mainly coz we never been there.  UBER to ITCC Penampang.

Challenge 5:

  • Dart challenge, hit the single 20 with 3 attempts, fail to do so, 3 minutes penalty.  Is this even possible?!  (later I found out a friend from another team did it at first attempt, u cray).
  • Get stamp of approval from Pan Sports at 1st floor.
  •  Eat a bowl of Tom Yam with fish balls in 7 minutes.  To be completed by 2 team members.

Split our Tom Yam, me be like "Don't gimme fishball!" (takes time to chew) hence why I manage to finished my noodles and soup first.

Believe or not, it was my first time at ITCC Penampang.  Also, almost stepped on vomit at the entrance.  People, please vomit at the nearby drain or toilet bah.

Clue:  UBER to a colourful building opposite the airport runway and look for a restaurant serving "flattened chicken"!
UBER to Jom Penyet, Aeropod.

Challenge 6:   Eat 6 pieces of chicken wings with a bowl of sambal and drink a glass of kit chai ping after (no drinking before and in between), completed by 2 team members.

Time to split up!  2 of our team members (CAPTAIN AND UBER NAVIGATOR) went to Asia Rasa Kampung Cafe at Karamunsing Capital for ambuyat challenge and me and I JUST WANNA EAT went to The Walk Riverson for our next task.

Challenge 7:  So yeah, 2 of us were at The Hail's trying to finish lekor and karipap, after that we had to sing/do 5 star jump.  Haha, u funny, boomer if jumping after meal.

Clue: Head to Waterfront and search for an "alcohol"factory.
Since we are not required to UBER to our next location, we decided to walk.  When you're a runner and thought that from Riverson to Waterfront is near.  *slowclapping.  

Walking is fun when we're singing lol.

We reached our next location, The Beer Factory, but had to wait for 2 other team members before we can proceed with our next task.

Challenge 8:   Weigh and arrange seafood platter according to the list, once you receive a green light, head on over to the stage to get BONGED! lol.

At this moment, one of our team members went to the toilet to vomit.  And captain vomited otw heading to next location (I posted a photo on Twitter 😂.

Clue:  Head to Sinsuran and search for Sabah's leading souvenir and handicraft store which specialises in selling 100% authentic traditional Sabahan handicrafts!
Challenge 9:  Pick a random angpow packet.  Team members must "shop" for Kadaiku products equivalent to the amount stated.

We got RM325.90.

Once completed, all FOUR of you must finish your reward and put back the items where they belong.

Reward:  Ice cream potong and a bottle of gassy apple drink from 2more.   You funny!  Struggle was so real, burping level over 9000.

Clue: More dessert anyone? with a photo of tempurung ice cream.  I know exactly where this is!
Challenge 10:  One member (blindfolded) has to feed another member (blindfolded).  The remaining 2 members will have to give directions to both their blindfolded team members.

Final challenge! Get back to Sabah Tourism building where it started and say hello to BUTOD!!!

We had to make sure we sent all UBER receipts (penalty 3 minutes if no receipt, and it's per receipt) and mandatory social media post (penalty 5 minutes per post) via INSTAGRAM with hashtags and locations to avoid penalty.

FINISH! We completed by 1pm yay. 

Super fun! Totally enjoyed this food race, except that gag reflex and bloating part.  Glad to do this with my friends.  Placed 10th.  

Here to summarize our race course.

Sabah Tourism Board - Hotel Grandis - Horizon Hotel - Lava KK Burger Bakar - Kampung Noodle - Jom Penyet - The Hail's / Asia Rasa Kampung Cafe - The Beer Factory - Kadaiku - Tempurung Ice Cream - Sabah Tourism Board.

I come to realize after joining a food race, that:-
  1. I'm a slow eater when it comes to dry food.
  2. I can drink plenty of water.
  3. Gag reflex when looking at people eat.
What and how to prepare?
An empty stomach, not too empty and drink less water, probably need to buffet train hahaha.
Aftermath:  Gained 1.4kg, nonstop burping.

Now, who wants to join the next food race?  Comment below :)

On a Sunday:  All I did was eat and lie down on the floor reflecting on life.  It was a productive day.

Last but not least, don't forget to join us at Gaya Street on Friday, 16th March 2018 at 5pm till midnight for the 100th Year Celebration.

There will be:
  • VR booth by North Borneo History.
  • 100m Sabah Roll Cake by Shangri-La Tanjung Aru Resort (I hope we get a portion of this).
  • Limited Edition commemorative stamp. 
  • Video Mapping, first in Sabah on a building.
  • Extended hours for coffee shops and foodtrucks at Gaya Street.
  • Buskers.
See you guys there!  Cheers!


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    1. While u're running at BUTM, am doing another race kekekekk

  2. Thissss isss soooo fun! Hopefully ada lagi the race next year hahah am so gonna join if so. Now my plain lunchhh is not want those tom yamm...

    1. Hahahahhaha try rush eating hot berasap punya tom yam, oh man lucu gila. Macam berkerut oh se di gambar 😂😅

  3. Those air inflated bottles so cute... eh i like this food race. I can eat very fast one especially delicious food! :P

    1. U should join if ada lain kali hehe. I like to enjoy my food slowly 😂😂😂