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Monday, May 15, 2006

So, my reason for not blogging for weeks is that I'm lazy. Ok, I'll just give a brief description of my past week. Now, lemme see. What last week is like? Hmm, besides the obstacles in looking for parking at my office area and for the fact that I have to wait for an hour for a parking? Last week was fine. Mostly, last week is about anger. Heheh. Parking (for this area) is equivalent for a battlefield. Hekeh~ Why I say that? Just coz people sometimes tend to fight for a parking spot. Well, I did not fight for it though if the person is nearest to a parking spot, then the parking is theirs. That's what I think. *pffffffftttttttt~ Even happened to me a lot of times. *breathe. No choice. Just gotta wait.

Weather sucks. That's for sure. Only I think last nite very heavy rain. Few days before was terrible. HOT all the way. Hmmmm...took lotsa photos for dA page. Only uploaded few. Will upload more later. :D Till then...I'll be blogging.


  1. Will you? Hmmm... have to wait and see :P

  2. Probably if I got something to say? hehehe

  3. Or if ur not too lazy!!!! :P

  4. hey~ it's the weather!! :P