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Monday, August 14, 2006


Uhh~~ took 2 panadol actifast. Hmmm not fast enuff. Headache still there. Urgh. Wanna sleep but wanna play Diablo II. How? Normally it's the tired eyes. That's why the headache. Must sleep! >_<"


  1. LOL.. Diablo more important than sleep. Back in undergrad my girlfriend would kongsi my account, so the character was played almost 24 hours a day, except when we went out to eat together or if got class same time. If not, she'd come play in my room and we leveled each charatcer till about 80 something... barbarian, paladin, necro, druid, assassin etc. Used each till we killed Baal.

  2. wahhahaha addict. this one coz we play networking. I host it. so if they play without me..i'll left behind u see. heehhehe :P

  3. yub yub, my whole house networked. 4 rooms, 4 pcs, plus sometimes another 3 laptops. minimum 3 characters going on at any one time.

  4. hahahhaha way siao~