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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Am not trying to be mean but this is wut life at my office is like?

so this is the auntie cleaner's 19 year old daughter. she's snoring actually. ohhh, she's sleeping at the end of my room. my room at work is a triangle shape *hiks~ oh and dun get me wrong with the scissors next to her. she loves to cut papers


  1. ehehehehe..oh that's juz 1 :P

  2. you mean she's 19 or 9 ???

    hahaha confuse

  3. ui itu tido ka dead tue? wah..with murder weapon aside..the gunting makkk..serial killer :P

  4. Oops..she know you took this picture anot? wakaka!!!

  5. justine: she's 19 la....

    zaini: hahahahah tido la...snoring. hahahaha no blood how u consider it killing and dying har? hahahahhaa

    aceone: hahaha nope...oh lucky she dun use the internet mwahhahahah...*grins~~~

  6. hold it hold it... she 19 years old and sleep like dat... OMG!!

  7. hmmm.... dun knoe wat 2 say oledi...