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Monday, November 20, 2006

You won't get this anywhere else!!!

It's been 2 years and I'm still bitching about the same shite! >_<"

So yes, I'll be bitching about the bitch again. *sigh. It's a never ending story till somebody decided to fire her! Please! Fire her!!!! >_<"

Wut's new with bitch world? Lemme see, besides she owez go missing from the office every now and then, and loan shark keep calling the office like damn pathetic stalker? She's been taking leave again. Her annual leave suppose to be 19 days. Last year gawd knows how many extra day off she took. Not forgetting her fake MC (medical leave)? At least this year, somebody (not me) somehow take note of the number of days she took. So, we have concluded that she took advance 12 days leave. Meaning next year she only left with 1 week of leave. You definately won't get this kinda company with these kinda situation.

We pray so hard that somebody come to their senses and fire her already. *sigh~ >_<" And everyday listening to people bitching about it is bad. Even now I'm bitching about it. So I'm bad. Bad massy bad! People notice but they dun take action. This is why I say my boss is lame and weak. *sigh. Oooo well she's not the only one. There's another guy working there also doing the same thing. Only in his case, he owez go missing. He's probably sleeping at home. How many letters could a person send a day? *confused.

Lame~ I better stop bitching~


  1. This is more like office politics. You see bad people, you bitchin bout bad people, but the person is there to stay.

    It's all bout modern day survival..

  2. I would say.. she;s a survivor.

  3. survivor? *pfttttt..big con lady! hahahaha...

  4. Yeah, in a twisted version. Lol!

    I've seen so many people like this. Irritating but still there to irritate people.

    It's a little bit stupid when no one can do nothing about that.

  5. From a HRM point of view, her behaviour probably lead to HIS behaviour. And eventually other people in the office will realise that if the boss is going to allow people to cut work, or leave in the middle for ages, why not take advantage of that... can go for afternoon movie or something!

  6. saifulrizan: yes very twisted and yes very irritating coz everyone talks about it. i think the lady oso thick face. dun really care wut ppl say one.

    rum: exactly wut everyone else is doing. take advantage of doing the same thing *sigh~

  7. really...better do something.. pity u la mas.. have to put up with tis...

  8. justine: aiyo dood..there's nothing we can do oso..*sigh~

  9. so she's the P.I.T.A face... hahahaha

  10. justine: P.I.T.A? apa tu?

  11. Pain In The Ass...face... amy also know this... we create it... masa kerja sama2 in KK..... hehehehe