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Thursday, January 18, 2007

This is why ppl use auto cars

I have the thought of changing my car. I love driving manual cars but looking at the condition of my leg. *sigh. I'm doubtful. No wonder my bro drives an auto. My mum too. >_<"

Might as well juz endure the pain while I still can. I did some vacuuming last nite. This is because my sis finally moved downstairs yay! Woohohohohohohoho. I know I can be mean at times but I need my space. She ain't giving me space when I need peace and quiet. Poor kitties are scared of vacuum hahahah so cute. You should see how they're terrified of it weeeeeee...I changed my bed covers. I think I wanna get those quilt type again. Uh uh. I love those quilt type of bed covers. Actually I'm thinking of painting my room. The dull white is killing me everyday. I want it to be retro! Hehe.

This morning, I looked at my car and I'm disgusted. It's been awhile since I last wash my car. It's been raining, so, hmm, not such a gewd idea to wash it but I hope I could like get it done this weekend. Hopefully! I watched American Idol Season 6 audition last nite, they only pick 17 people? omg.

Ogie, wut my colleagues are gossiping again? They're talking about bitch's debts again. Ooooh, something funny I heard from the office. Somebody called the office and curse? Wut? Huh? Weird.

I'll be playing Maple now...lvling again


  1. It's nice having your own bedroom, more privacy and more stuff to stuff in to mark your territory. haha!

    Hope you leg gets better soon. :)

  2. ahah..your leg very troublesome ah..yea u better get urself auto cars sell to me that kelisa price la hehhe

  3. kelisa? i drive a kenari dood. >_<"

    cindy: most definately..i need my space man

  4. owh hahah..ok i mispelled lah..i cant hardly remember which is which hahah kelisa and kenari err..but kancil sure i can remember gaagaga

  5. hahaha easy...kelisa is almost mini and kenari is er kotak hahahahah *rofl

  6. yeah..the moving washing machine is it massy hahahah

  7. Hmm... long time since I put stupid comments here.... got a lot of catching up to do!

  8. hahahhahaha...stewped comments? lil one ur comments aren't stewped...more er sarcastic hahahahah *rofl

  9. I prefer manual car. kekeke

  10. still having trouble with your leg?

    How come no updates? :P

  11. Hey massy!

    You'r going to purchase an auto car eh? Hope you'll buy a really good one, one that speeds 180 kmph, haha! Kidding!

    Retro eh? that's a really cool theme! I wanted to decoarte with that theme too, but it's unfortunate that I don't have the energy to do so, haha! Maybe I'm too lazy to...

    All the best with your leg, auto car and room!

    Cheers, Hui Wen

  12. cindy: leg is fine with medicine...without it, hmm ada rasa kana cucuk...i was gonna update it yesterday tapi under maintenance terus malas sampai la malam...

    huiwen: first i need to propose to my dad why i need an auto car >_<" it's gonna be hard...yeah the retro theme...i thought of it...but i wonder how am i gonna do it...coz my room is filled with junks >_<"