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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Taipan Inanam

Somehow yesterday after our (me and bro) jog, my bro wanted to eat KFC at the new place.  How come the signboard is KK Taipan?  But it's located at Inanam? @_@"""


There's few shops open there already but the most obvious would be Public Bank and Pizza Hut facing the road.  Yay! Pizza hut near to my house *uhuk~

New furniture.



This was dinner btw.

But I had 1 piece of chicken only.  The other one tapau.

On another note, I was on the way home the day before after my jog, it was maybe around 6pm, guess who greeted me?

Retarded truck drivers.  Blocking my road.  How am I suppose to get home?!  Hmm, when I got there, the new neighbour waited while I honk once.  Erm, they (the people from the workshop) notice it was me and move their car as fast as they could.  Not fast enuff hmph~ *spits.

And the neighbour drives so slow orz.

Till my next post.  Over and out.  *snooze.


  1. ahhh u make me wanna go to KFC la tomorrow after saw tat meal -_-" hehe

  2. @baity: hehehe, I didn't want to but my bro make me go eat ;_;

  3. apa la tu lori tu, suda la blocking jalan, pintu pun inda tutup!

    nah kan, nampak kfc, sia pun mcm mo makan kfc suda ni. Tapi besar la the chicken pieces, di sini, macam anak ayam seja saiz dia. Grrrr!!

  4. massy, u can go curi masuk n drive the lorry..... XD

  5. @Nessa: the ppl there know I'm pissy when my road kena block XD honk nonstop ;) anyways, yes, the chicken here best, can ask for ribs ;3 besar!

    @Amy C: kalau muat, aku langgar jak tu.

  6. and all your jogging effort goes to waist(sic)

  7. @duck: *blames cube

  8. macam sadap ooo.. huhu.. *cannot!!! Diet ni!!! hahaha

  9. @pirut: hahhaha se pun diet XD

  10. u said, u're on diet?? gagagagaga

  11. @aj: ahahhahahaha..yes i am but my bro wanted to eat. join the party @_@

  12. Eeek! Somehow I feel like having KFC for dinner pulak. :D

  13. @cindy: mwahahhahaha