Tuesday, June 02, 2020

The Sabah International Convention Centre launches food delivery 🚚

Embracing the ‘new normal’, the Sabah International Convention Centre (SICC) introduces its current food promotions to the residents of Kota Kinabalu with the option to self-pick-up or home delivery.  Mind you, when they announce this, I got a little excited. 

The a la carte menu Dishes of Borneo and festive set menus; Santapan Hari Raya and Flavours of Kaamatan focus on authentic local cuisines with strong emphasis on home-grown and fresh produce.

While there are no open-house visits this year, SICC can help customer delivery the festive celebrations to their guests, offering a vibrant selection of signature heritage delicacies which brings back nostalgia from their hometown.  

The festive set menus on offer are priced based on two persons packaged in generous serving proportions (very generous indeed, I was eating this packed meal with my family and I was stuffed) 😋 :

Had the opportunity to try these delicious meals which I'll posted on my Instagram and Facebook page.  You could read my review, here.  I love how they use biodegradable packaging and paper bag for this delivery.  There is still the usage of sealed bags, but these are minimal. 

Biodegradable packaging 

I also love that they took the time to label the foods.

On the Santapan Hari Raya festive menu available until 24 June’20, there are three set-menus to choose from; Set Adil Fitr at RM88.00nett, Set Syawal at RM118.00nett and Set Muhibbah Raya where favourite Raya dishes are featured in each set with additional 17 dishes to customise own selections.  


Closely following Raya celebration is the Harvest Festival, while homebound, it is still an event not to be missed.  The culinary team have created two special set menus for Flavours of Kaamatan; Set Magahau at RM88.00nett and Set Monupad at RM118.00nett incorporating traditional cuisines.  Flavours of Kaamatan ends 1 June’20   


Customers are welcome to mix it up a little by adding items to their set menu order from the a la carte menu; Dishes of Borneo offers signature dishes popular with the local diners as well as a range of daily baked cakes, breads, buns and rolls.  

These are impressive and flavorful. 

Best described as authentic, wholesome, made fresh from local produce, the menus are crafted by our director of culinary Mohd Firdaous Bin Mohd Izhar and the culinary experts from SICC’s banquet kitchen.

Also had desserts, some have tried and some was my first time. 

If these doesn't make your mouth water, I don't know what will.

Available daily from 11.00am with the last order being 7.00pm, the guest services team are at hand in helping customers with their order or to assist in arranging gift of a prepared festive meal to their clients or business associates.  Online food order can be made via or call through dedicated mobile number +60 12 836 0717.

Don't wait too long. 

Thank you for reading, feel free to comment 🤗


  1. Oopsie....I missed this one! Looks super delicious! :)

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