Sunday, December 10, 2006

Worst Day of The Month

Noted: Guys, bare with my complains. It's a girl thing.

That explains the mood swings. I've been drinking lotsa cold water lately. I know I shouldn't but >_<" I dunno. Sometimes I feel so thristy and crave for cold water. >_<" Ooooohh, the pain. It's a habit for me to wake up at 3am. *sigh. I dunno why. I juz do, sick ain't it? This morning, stomach ache like shite! Ooo and I did notice one of my kitten is missing. So, I went out to look for her. I had to go in and out of my room for 2 times till I found her. Poor thing. I wonder how long she was outside the room crying to get in. *smack Tina. My sister must have open the door and she went out. *sigh

Ahhh, they smell really gewd now. I bath both of them yesterday. Ohhh, that reminds me, I gotta buy cat fewd again. I'm out. >_<"

I've been playing maple again. Uh uh, the day before, 2x drop rate. Yesterday and today will have 2x exp. So nice. Though I would prefer more but it's better than nothing rite? OMG! I can't stand it anymore, I'll be curling on my bed now. Till then...*pfttttttt

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