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Monday, December 18, 2006

The Hot Sunny Weather and The Plan

I planned to take halfday today. But thinking that my sis wanna go fix her hair. Er...I dun think so. Am not gonna go there and pick her up? *sigh. Ohhh, I need to get a flu jab. I walked 2 blocks to the bank. Thank gawd for cheque deposit machines! XD it only took me 10 minutes to settle everything.

I was wondering why this morning, everyone seem to be driving so slow >_<" so very slow, snails.

My colleague told me that today is salary day. WOT?! R u freaking kidding me?! >_<" I didn't bring my bank book. *sigh omg~!


  1. Pay day? Hehehe... this saturday im going to KK. So you can belanja me laaaa

  2. too bad..i won't be around on saturday hahahahaha

  3. dont worry. I'll be there till 31st. I bet you wont go anywhere. Hahahahahahhaha

  4. No la.. just kidding maa. I wont take people for granted.

    BTW, is there any chance that I can meet with you and Julian when Im in KK?

  5. insyallah...wait...u'll be here when? oh...btw..i never met julian before hahahahhaa

  6. wa..gaji ledi ..can belanja makan la wei!! I wan ais kacang.

  7. zaini1:02 PM

    me too hahah